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Artist: Rick Ross & Omarion
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 2
Song:   Let's Talk
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Rick Ross] + (Omarion)
Maybach up (yeah) Rozay
(I think I'ma pull up right here)
We gon' change your life overnight love
{M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
(Watch out) Ugh, big money
(I'm back and shit) Fast money
(Maybach hoe) Believe that
(We goes in at the club)

Lame ass niggaz in yo' ear all night
Ciroc got me loose but your dress fit tight
My Roley say 2 but the time is 3
Even though my watch wrong yeah the time so right
Ain't sellin no dreams, I ain't tellin no lies
That dress so cold, but that body on fire
Ain't the smartest in the world, but lookin at you girl
I'll be a fool to let the chance go by - so I'm gone

[Chorus: Omarion] + {Biggie samples}
{Ask you what your interests are - who you be with}
Convince you that I'm the one you should leave with
(Things to make you smile, what-what numbers to dial}
Girl I got a thing for you, but it ain't no secret
This conversation leads, us
To the bedroom we gon' make, love
Cause girl I wanna please you
Girl I really need you, so

Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about tonight baby
Let's talk about all the good things that can happen
if you leave with me baby
You can say I'm hatin if you want to
But he can't do your body like I plan to girl
{Who they attracting with that line what's your name what's your sign?}
{Soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind}

Can't take my ey-ey-eyyes off you
Pop a few bottles like the first of the year
Stare so right, and your visual probably better
But I came over just to make things clear
No disrespect girl, we both so grown
Just want you by my side, when I say solo
Been paying attention, nigga steady missin
Turning you off, let me turn you on - so I'm gone


[Rick Ross]
She lookin like a bag of money
Like a boss, so you know I let her count it for me
Like to floss, new watch, gold rings
People next door swear I'm dealing cocaine
Me and O, gettin dough like it's no thang
New Maybach, boy that's way out of your range
All the chicks came like we at a Knicks game
Carmelo numbers, first and the fifteenth
We the best in the biz, baby there it is {Maybach Music}
I'ma handle mine, lil' homie handle his
At the Portofino just bought the top floor
I'm livin like Nino baby and want more
Now double that, Rev Run bubble bath
Overlook the city blowin out the back
She better blow my mind and she can holla back
I get better with time and that's a fuckin wrap

[Chorus] - repeat second half 2X

{Maybach Music}