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Artist: Rick Ross, Stalley & Wale
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 2
Song:   Flourescent Ink
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Rick Ross]
As I flip through pages of my notepad, wow~!
I really wanna shine
That's what it boils down to {M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
Real shit

I just want my mind to be free
Never mind if they fond of me, I've been a beast
I recline in my seat, #9's on my feet
Womanizer admittingly, but mind you I'm deep
Although they inclined to critique
Motherfuck 'em they couldn't lace up a nigga Chukckers
Cause money talk and I make them busters pay for discussin
Chasin duckets, chasin dreams got me prayin for foes
Chasin hoes, dick 'em good enough to make 'em propose
Winnin the feelin is so incredible
Somethin that's forever true, my niggaz over revenue
Little bit of Chanel, decorate your appearance
Double C's on your purses, perfect I get the message
Isabel Marant I get you some, you give me that
All of my thoughts fluorescent ink though I'm always thinkin black
Sittin back, cognac, 62 behind the pack
I ain't thug, but I ain't stupid four niggaz, five straps
Hold up~! Fire shots for the winner
And as long as I'm deliverin, this genre's gon' be winnin
Double M-G pimpin, my relevance never endin
My penmanship ain't too pretty, my ink is why they gon' feel me

[Chorus: Wale]
This ink is why they feel me, this ink is why they feel me
This ink is why they feel me, Lord, this ink is why they feel me
This ink is why they feel me, this ink is why they feel me
This ink is why they feel me, Lord, this ink is why they feel me
Double M-G, thank you this the real me

I got a couple old schools and some new girls
They like old jewels, and new pearls
They obey no rules, they some rude girls
You know the bad ones, that rule the world
They just wanna have fun, and crash parties
But when them games is over, they down to ride for me
Bonnie & Clyde story, Mick & Mallory
A killer in them sheets, they bring that ish up out of me
After that I sit and count a G after G
Cause it's right back to these ends
Send her on her way, tell her come back with some friends
We can do it all again
The repetition that I like, the reputation of a pimp
And I do it all on him, peep the way I limp
Pimp walk I been brought my chick, it was money well spent
They say it's cold blooded how I talk
I been winnin this way for years, so what if I ain't lost?


Sometimes it's like
Eyes is low, moment's perfect
You see things brighter than you normally see
With 20/20, y'know?
Enjoy your vice