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Artist: Rick Ross & Meek Mill
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 2
Song:   Black Magic
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus 2X: Rick Ross]
Poof! There go the car
Poof! There go the crib
Poof! A hundred mill'
Woop! David Copperfield
David Copperfield, David Copperfield

[Meek Mill]
Could you knock that hoe? Could you blame that bitch?
Cause you wanna roll with a real nigga like me then go and slang that dick
like hoes to a fiend, fuck throat when I lean
Take long on a purp, mad hoe on the beam
Still money over these hoes
Got Y.S.L. on my clothes
And blood drip on my sneakers
Nigga you hatin on me, she chose
And I ain't fuck your girl she rolled
My stick shift she drove
Did everything that she 'posed
I pulled my camera out and she posed
And I was like God damn, drop that, pop that
Got the top back, on a drop back, I'm back
In a glock, where the crotch at
I'm strapped where the rocks at? Where the watch at? Stop that!
You can cop that? Not that, I'm relaxin on my back
Dime sack I'm catchin on contact
Got racks, y'all niggaz ain't 'bout that, 'bout that life


[Meek Mill]
Poof! Nigga fuck yo' life
Fuck y'all niggaz and fuck your wife
Got two bad bitches with a nigga
and they ain't know they gonna fuck all night
And I rock hard white, miggaz wrist game pride
I pull up on the horse and I'm sitting on fours in a big boy drive
Call big boy shot, all clear stones in my big boy watch
All year long got the strip on lock
Everytime we in this bitch man shit gon' pop
My hip on glock, your hip on nothin
My niggaz got racks, y'all niggaz be frontin
Red Cartier, red bone bitch
Red nottoms on her, hair long as shit, hold up~!
Yellow gold rope, yellow bone hoe
And yellow bottoms it's paid nigga
Whole cliques of made niggaz