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Artist: Rick Ross & French Montana
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 2
Song:   All Birds
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Rick Ross]
Walk with a real nigga, self-made millionaire {M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
What more could you ask for, huh?

[Rick Ross]
I'm a kamikaze in a Maserati
I'm a John Gotti, got my own army
Worth fifty million and it's all on me
Fifty on my Roley knowin yours phony
Last problem I had, a nigga head shot him
Say the word on the street is that my man got him
If I wasn't involved you wouldn't hear about him
I got Lears and all - don't need Aaliyah problems
May she rest her soul, I got a sleepin problem
All my CD's gold, but the Visa darker
Bastard child but I got a fleet of cars
Double-M G this little thing of ours {M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
Take it to the do' motherfucker please
Niggaz layin' on your crib while your momma sleep
Homecooked meals for the real niggaz
Hot Tec 9 for you little niggaz
Want to shoplift? Come and boost this
We run the fucking game, nigga truth is {Maybach Music}
Cargo pants and my red bottoms
Talking 'bout birds you know the boy got 'em

[Chorus: French Montana]
No clothes in the closet, it's all birds
No sneakers in the sneaker box, it's all birds
No luggage in the trunk, man, it's all birds
And I ain't goin back - I'ma ball first

[French Montana]
Anything you need you know I get it cheap
My nigga Rozay makes millions while he can't sleep
Cars European, come and see the fleet
We're commercial come and see us if you need the street
I'ma bring it home, nigga bet the bank
Sierra Leone all up in the link
'Bout to +Double Up+ some Mason Betha shit
Huddle up, round table, King Arthur shit
Shorty ass fat, she can't stand straight
Spent your down payment on my landscape
Niggaz sideways like the Phantom door
Hundred round drum sound like round of applause
Slicker than a can of grease
Paid the state and the ice hundred grand a piece
Coke boy, I'll be 30 for sure now
Coke damn near same price as dope now

[Chorus] - repeat 2X