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Artist: Meek Mill and Rick Ross
Album:  Maybach Music Group presents Self Made Vol. 1
Song:   Tupac Back
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[Tupac Shakur - recorded from 1994 interview]
I'm already convicted. My whole life has been turned around
I lost every job, I lost everything, every opportunity I can get
Can't get- buy cars, can't get rent, can't get none of that
But I'm still a survivor, y'know. I'm still coming to court
Still smiling, still signing autographs, but soon I'ma go crazy!
You know what I'm sayin? And it's up to the world, y'know
America eats its babies, we- I'm, no matter what y'all think about me
I'm still your child, you know what I'm sayin? 
You can't just turn me off like that... {*echoes*}

[Intro: Rick Ross]
{M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
Tupac back! Tupac back!
That's all these bitches screamin that, Tupac back!
+All Eyez On Me+, better +Picture Me Rollin'+
Ridin brand-new rims, but them bitches is stolen
+Stranded on Death Row+, +Brenda+ havin my +Baby+
But i'm stackin my paper, I need a brand new Mercedes
They screamin, "Tupac back! Tupac back!"
That's all these bitches screamin that, Tupac back!

[Meek Mill]
UH! Tupac back (back!), I'm two Glocks strapped (strapped!)
Rollin down in Philly, this the new Iraq (Philly!)
Soon as I hit the the hood they screamin, "Who got whacked?"
It's a recession on the work, I'm screamin, "Who got CRACK~?!"
I'm sippin Hennes-SY! (Hennes-SY!) Ridin on my muh'fuckin ene-MIES! (ene-MIES!)
Slidin in the back, I'm screamin MMG! {M-M-Maybach Music}
Ten bitches and they dimes, so it's Tennessee/Ten-I-see... +HAIL MARY+!
Put my wrist on froze, presidential is gold 
Nigga play with my money, my shooters liftin his soul
40 kick like in soccer, bullets hittin the goal
Bitch I'm like John Wall, 'cause I just give 'em and go!
Plottin on this new 7, I can +Picture me Rollin'+
Pockets look like they pregnant, because them bitches is swollen
Got a clip I can loan, all them snitches could hold 'em
Look at them MOTHERFUCKIN WHEEEELS~! Them bitches is stolen
They screamin


[Meek Mill]
Mommy a soldier (soldier!), daddy is dead (dead!)
I catch the nigga that did it and we gon' carry his head
FUCK the 911, 'til I'm havin my bid (my bid!)
I'm talkin Death Row Records, tell 'em hand me a chair and let it BURN!
I'm screamin, "Free my nigga Earl!"
Hit you with no hesitation, we can't even get a turn
Got my Makaveli CD and I listened then I learned
Grabbed my Mac above the dresser, my OGs' said hold it firm
I'm dreamin spittin with 'Pac ('Pac!), and cyphers with B.I.G. (B.I.G.)
Tryna send me upstate, with the lifers in bid
Had me scapin my wax, sleepin, my knife in the bed
They got a nigga on point like it's a price on my head
I'm goin MAX~!! Got me knockin suckers on they back
In these cells, raisin HELL, tryna get back to the trap
But don't NEVER get it twisted, it's Meek Milly spittin facts (Meek MILLY!)
Plus somebody said they seen it and they mean it
So they steady screamin


{M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}