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Artist: Wale f/ Jeremih, Rick Ross
Album:  Maybach Music Group presents Self Made Vol. 1
Song:   That Way
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music!"

[Chorus: Jeremih]
I apologize, I don't recollect yo' name
(Ooh baby I don't know your name)
But lemme tell you that them heels, really compliments your frame
(Look at your body baby)
Girl lemme get them ooh aahs, then I gotta catch my plane
Say you miss me and you wishin for some private time
Girl how could we get that way?
Girl how could we get that way?

[Verse One: Wale]
Yeah~! Look, another day another dollar
She hate me when I leave cause when I leave I never call her
That's life shit, aight shit, I could call you right quick
But if I call you gon' be like "Boo why we haven't Skyped yet?"
And I Skype, bet you say "Lay where my flight at"
If I decline, then you inquire on where I spend my nights at
Shit, this life gets overwhelmin and more than hectic
But a woman worth some anger is certainly worth some effort
Just look closer, my life is quite deceptive
Women will sell they soul, just to buy some attention
I need somethin to hold, fuck that passive aggression
And when I'm back from off that road don't ask me no questions
Please.. fear what you don't know
Ha ha


[Verse Two: Wale]
Uhh - don't remember how I met her, but I know I won't forget her
And if lovin her is wrong, then I just know I won't see heaven
She say she from Seattle, she 20 and some change
Before I get to T.I.A. I'm sure to make her rain
Then I'm back up on my plane, Chi-Town over here
We spend some time and get some wine, have some miles from heroins
I told her this here's overrated, but I love your city baby
Gotta get back to the D, you know we finally famous
Driver drop me off in Dallas, I'm headed to some money
TSA be laughing all them rubbers in your luggage
I know I'ma always leave 'em, but I swear I'll always love 'em
Tell her you'll probably find someone but you'll never find another
Parlay, aowww!


[Verse Three: Rick Ross]
Got on my suede shoes, I'm in a great mood
That baggage claim awaitin miss thang outta St. Louis
Know she shinin bright, got on my Cartier
She my +Billie Jean+ we menage with mary jane
See we city hop, Vegas to L.A.
Brings a lot of joy, Bugati boy, that's lane on lane
Our faucets used to drip, I used to ride the bench
But it was written in cursive for this king to exist
Packed her bags, now she live amongst entrepreneurs
Marc Jacob the makeup Gi-Givenchy consumer
Gianni Versace connoisseur, a carnivore
Accountable for half a million uncounted for
For, ha! ("M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music!")


"M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music!"