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Artist: Meek Mill, Stalley, Teedra Moses, Wale
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 1
Song:   Running Rebels
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{*Teedra Moses harmonizing until 00:28*}

{M-M-M-Maybach Music}

Ay, look, yeah
Where did my time go? I let it fly
Spending time trya find em and y'all niggas the right flow
I like hoes that like poles in clean clubs
My slight fo's just talk dirty, I clean em up
Money I make em buck, trust they seen enough
Lust will have you slippin', love will have you stuck
From where they praise, bitches is artificially duck
Politicians be stuntin' most of them niggas dumb
Roll a swisher lets move it, my position improving
Not to mention I adventured into a cooler unit
Moving in unison used to be such a hooligan
But now I'm on a roll, I think I'm Patches O'Houlihan
Ben Stiller, Zoolander, same face
Bars change a nigga life, nigga scared straight
Jordan 8 strapped up, blasting out some backyard
Backwoods in my ashtray, I'm happier when high and drunk
Baby I'm in the zone, lately been writing poems
Can't put my soul in this bullshit music that y'all condone
Motherfuck It, I'mma count all these duckets
I'ma keep my integrity, y'all can keep all y'all budgets
Buzz it, like my very first day in here
Laying here, laying here, all in your lady ear
Mercedes rear view, that's where today appears
I'm past present, you light-years behind here

[Chorus: Teedra Moses]
Rolling while I'm blowing this stash
Got my foot on the gas, drop top on this thang
And the moon looking beautiful as ever
See these lights got me on another level
Feeling like tonight
We're running wild tonight
They can never hold, me, down
Cause I'm running - gone

[Meek Mill]
Uh, uh, yeah
They Larry Davis me and said I tried to kill a cop
Picture that and they ain't fire not a single shot
They said I'm guilty, I ain't get the chance to say im not
Bail was a quarter mill, they put me in a box
Ha, dead broke tryna get a bail
Calling niggas really knowing they dont give a hell
But I ain't give a fuck cus I ain't trying sit in jail
They giving niggas letters here and they ain't sending mail
I'm talking life sentence, forever night spending
This shit right here will turn a man to a mice, nigga
This shit right here will turn a killer to a nice nigga
Cold cell, lock down like a vice gripper
Lead by my strategy, winning I do sporadically
Try attacking me, automatic shoot automatically
City backing me, headed for it, no looking back at me
Lyrical assult, they charge me without the battery
Ha, Running rebel on another level
Like the Olympics these youngins just won another metal
They say to get a hundred mill you must become the devil
If you believe that, nigga you is dumb as ever
Young and dumb, or even old and stupid
I put my faith in God, never try I just do it
Niggas get down for the moment, they ain't for movement
My nigga Rozay put me on the tour cause I am music


I ain’t never been a dreamer or fascinated by a Beamer
Or none of those funny floats niggas gloat in
I keep it classic in that metal frame box I smoke in
Then push the milk on a slow bend
Wit my kin that I came in with
Blue Collar Gang, we slang that ish
The script stuck to it, hustle like we ain't gain ish
Never lookin for a handout, ain't my language
I work hard for everything I get and keep a tight grip for everyone
Waiting on the day I slay, a rebel though
I don't hold my lips; they say I talk 
like I'm God body, Bob Marley, Marvin and Marcus
And since I skipped over puddles they try to throw me where sharks is
But I'm a well of inspiration
A wishing well they throw they chips to in desperation
All bets on em, double MG tell my foes I ain't left on em


{Maybach Music}