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Artist: Jadakiss, Rick Ross & Wale
Album:  Maybach Music - Self Made Vol. 1
Song:   600 Benz
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Wale]
Why not live with the drive to inspire?
My ambition is flawless
This is gorgeous as this Porsche is but this is about this Benz, ya dig?
Pass me a lighter, Rozay.. I need a J {M-M-Maybach Music}
I appreciate, the opportunity
Somethin' special, my nigga...

[Chorus: Rick Ross] + (Wale)
600 Benz, house six hundred grand
That was six years ago, whips come from Japan
I get that work on my face...
I get that work on my face... ay
(Boy, 600 Benz, condo six hundred grand)
(I got twelve hundred kicks, them bitches straight from Japan)
(My ambition is wicked I put that shit on my hand)
I get that work on my face (I put that shit on my man, boy)

Wale, real nigga, where the totem, blowin' bomb haze
I just tell CJ keep on rollin' that's my shortyg
Tinted out, you ain't seeing through
All black everything, this shit like a HBCU
Maybach music, major moves, bitch I'm saving major loot
I make my old bitches buy me all the latest shoes
One whip just ain't enough, I just seen 33
You only half a W without a second V
Gotta be dreamin, bitch I gotta be chosen
Shawty when I was 20 I had a Camry and tokens
But now I'm ok, bitch I got my shit together
Rozay told me keep on working, shawty you'll be rich forever, ever
Forever my endeavours 
And I sever my opponents, bitch I'm cold like its in Denver
The dilemma is, you think I got no conscience
You think I just here flossin' and talkin' 'bout car shit


AH-HAH... AH-HAH, yup
Dependin' on how I feel, either the coupe or sedan (uh-huh)
I'm only dealin' with you, nothin' to do with your man (nah)
Niggas ruin your plans, it's best to do what you can (yep)
I'm up to six hundred bricks, started with two hundred grams (whoo)
Hand to hand in the cold, pockets on hella swole
I was breakin' ‘em down (uh-huh), now I'm sellin' ‘em whole (yeah)
Work straight out the kitchen, ain't no competition (nah)
You just shut up and listen and you can complete the mission
Know you want me to fall (uh-huh), I don't do nothing but ball
You heard I was in jail, well I just came from the mall (rumors)
I'm on my way to the jeweler bout to cop me a Muller (uh)
Keep the digital ruler at arm's length of the Ruger (yeah)
Life's a bitch and I feel her, ain't nobody iller (nobody)
Perico Godzilla, catch me blowing vanillas (haha)
Used to be blood money now it's go hard scrilla
After I count it all up, I'ma go to the dealer and get a..


SKRRT, hope you heard that intro
This that I been grindin' cause I've been savin' for that Benz flow
To mash on assholes with petty badges
Tell em' niggas we throwed, but they never gon catch us
If I am pulled over, I know they gon be on it
Cause it's hot in here and I got no L like the '72 Dolphins
Woooh, race my niggas
And I bet you never pass me like a free safety, nigga
I'm Polamalu, 600 the newest model
My newest motto to use a condom with newest models
Uhh, got a hundred on the dash, young
Ya ain't killers ya'll got hundred yard dash guns
I'm a rare one, camo's and some rare ones
Where I'm from is a circus hope you don't expect a fair one
Dropping hundreds like it ain't nothin'
Really it was but you know I never sayin' nothin'


{M-M-Maybach Music}