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Artist: Mook
Album:  Ruff Ryders: Past, Present, Future
Song:   You Know
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Yeahhh hahahahahaaa
We got my motherfuckin man Mook in the building yo (YOU KNOW!)
Waah in the building, CEO in the building (YOU KNOW!)
You know what's going on right now? (YOU KNOW!)
Ruff Ryders! (YOU KNOW!)
It's the real deal, 2011 (YOU KNOW!)
Goin in for yo' head nigga
Mook, get these niggaz (Y-YOU KNOW!)

[Chorus 2X: Mook]
When we step up in the spot we make it jump like six-fo's
We a hundred thousand deep, when you see us get low
When I say "Ruff Ryders" we say (YOU KNOW!)
When I say "Ruff Ryders" we say (YOU KNOW!)

This that raw Ruff Ryder music, I know you hear that (what's that?)
That's the sound of us settin up the bear trap
Couldn't wait for one of you punks to get near that
We gon' snap and turn you pussies to Tampax
Let the Ruff rap come back
E'rybody too nice, where the fuck the thugs at?
Don't ask me where the fuck the love at
I'm on a label where my CEO's in the club strapped
They gon' try to divide us on some silly shit
I got my new jack and I don't know my lineage
Nigga I ain't stupid, X'll always be the king of this
I just caught the baton when he rolled it off his fingertips
What? And I'm young, and I'm worthy
And I'm thirsty for anybody who thinkin he can serve me
I'ma turn this whole industry into a big emergency
Double R back, YOU HEARD ME?!


Look, let me tell you dudes what I was told
That it couldn't be new without the old
I ain't one of them cats that got threw up in the mix
I was there, Mart 125 in '96 (I was there!)
Posted up all day, Ducatis, Yamahas
Kawasaki doin doughnuts like cop cars
Holdin up traffic, foggin up the streets
Bunch of grand champ Pits barkin off the leash
What you know about the Nickel Boys, in Mount V?
When Joaquin Dean had spoke to Heavy D
This the edited footage, shit you never see
The foundation on what built this legacy (uhh)
Before you mighta heard him on the beat
You heard about him in Baltimore, he dirty with them heats
This is what my blood bleed, this is what my heart beats
Ever since the day my John Hancock hit the sheets, yeah~!


I heard through the grapevine we was dead and gone (word?)
Like they got the choppin block that our head was on
Nigga you ain't blind, stop actin like you never wrong
You seein a thousand niggaz out there with them vest-es on
(You know!) Yeah we had to fall back
But that's a turnin shit, I ain't gon' get into all that
It's family matters, we don't release it to the public
We just bring it to the table discussin it and it's nothin
But we back and we back with a full clip
Waitin to start some bullshit!
First nigga move first nigga get hit
These ain't bullets either, this kinda shit can sink a ship
So let's put a rest to all the hatin (for real)
Cause that's gon' only lead to less ventilation
I'm about to show 'em I'm the best in the nation
Mob shit, Double R, next generation!


Yeahhhhh (YOU KNOW!)
Loved by few (YOU KNOW!)
Hated by many (YOU KNOW!)
Respected by all (YOU KNOW!)
We get it in boy! (East coast roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Waah! (West coast roll out, YOU KNOW!)
X! (Midwest roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Dee! Swizz! (South, roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Eve! (Worldwide roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Lil Waah (YOU KNOW!)
Let's get these niggaz baby (roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Boss (roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Lox (roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Jada (roll out, YOU KNOW!)
Styles, Sheek (roll out)
Drag (roll out)
What you niggaz want?