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Artist: Shella, The L.O.X.
Album:  Ruff Ryders: Past, Present, Future
Song:   What to Do
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[Intro: Shella]
Jada, Styles, Sheek

[Chorus: Shella]
Baby you know, I been checkin for you
Can you come and pick me up tonight?
You're such a thug, and I'm feeling you
I think you will know just what to do

[Styles P]
I know what to do and when to do it, scooped her in the turbo Porsche
Cause she's scared to see a third go off
I'm the nigga that she's checkin for, hold the weapon for
Gotta stretch her raw - could tell that she lovin it
I fuck her good and she call me by my government
She count up my money, roll up my weed
Load up my guns, I leave she gon' throw me my keys
And I stay pickin her up, droppin her off
She hold a gun when a nigga done, poppin it off
And you know she dress me good, feed me right
Be the first to call my lawyer when they read my rights
She the one who help me clean up my act
She a thoroughbred cause she can clean you off when I bust off my gat


Yo it's a little too soon to put somethin in your ear
But we can get a drink and put somethin in the air
Maybe play amateur golf, I'll let you handle the Porsche
L.O.X., every man is a boss
Shoulda seen her face when I slid mami the Tec
Brung her through the hood with me, it was time to collect
She marinated in the car for two hours
while I conversated with my man 'bout new powder
Parked the Porsche, snatch the Range, shot back downtown
She lookin at me like, "You could blow my back out now"
I pulled over on the highway, Westside slay
Head in the back, +Casino+ style, Pesci way
Let's go


[Sheek Louch]
D-Block, walk wit me...
Know that boy Sheek Louch is, such a thug
One-shot Dillinger, one big slug
I don't need a lot of hustles, just one good drug
Anywhere outta town, just one good plug
This the 2000 she a +Ryde or Die Chick+
Gun on my waist, could have no legs if shorty my sidekick
You know who it is, the kid with an extra bar
My wind is up, I'm ready to spar
My vision is good, I'm hittin your car, clappin from far
I guess she lovin that; that's why I'm huggin that
Cause I ain't spendin nothin, true thug
No arguments, right on the rug

[Chorus] - 2X