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Artist: Akon, Jadakiss, Mook, Shella
Album:  Ruff Ryders: Past, Present, Future
Song:   Freaky
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[Akon] Yeah {*12*}
[Jada] I feel good tonight though
	 I like how this is goin down
	 Mook, what up baby?
[Mook] Kiss, what up boy?
[Jada] Let's get it
[Mook] Got 'em!

[Chorus: Akon] {w/ ad libs}
I'm fresh, dressed like a million bucks
With a pocket full of money and I'm ready to cut
While shorty lookin at me like she ready to lust
I got a king-size waterbed on my tour bus
So let's start it off, so let's start it off
So let's start it off, so let's start it off
And get freaky, freaky
Yeah {*17*}

Ay look, models on deck (check) bottles on deck (check)
Next year Benz, won't accept nothin less (nothin)
I'm in the S (S) 'Kon in the F (F)
We on the phone arguin which one is the best
Arm is a mess of the {?}
with the Ferragamo's like nothin tall when I step (yuch)
Custom cut Attolini suit, double pressed
I'm a gangsta but still throw it on when I dress (yeah)
Tour bus, ten broads on the set
Yeah, I pick two and let the mob get the rest
Ain't no confusion because they all wanna sex
After I +Swizz Beat+ one it's +On to the Next+

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

Aiyyo it's Raspy, yeah I put it down with The Lox
I'm fresh nigga, L.V. down to the socks
The old joint, 17 rounds in the Glock
My garage is like, walkin around on the lot
Bunch of athletes, whole lot of stars in the spot
Honeys everywhere, either you ménagin or not
Nobody goin home, all this Patrón and Cîroc (drink up)
Cases of Ace, plus we got zones of the pot (kush)
The finest fashions, fat asses, designer glasses
Expensive weaves, nice lashes (uh-huh)
Not too drunk, light clashes
I put her on the Californian, show her the king of the mattress


It's the girl..
I don't wait for dudes to come pick me up, I'm drivin
I be in and out new whips like the drive-in
Dolo, they know, my best friends are diamonds
Never a +Fool+ for +Love+, no Frankie Lymon
Timin, just right when I step on the scene
See dudes that ride dirty but they roll clean
V.I.P. with the team where we all be
Summer set the Blasian, that's what they call me
Keen eyeline {?} the bar left
Cause he look like he in the Billionaire Boys Club
I'm fresh, stay dressed with finesse
Make 'em guess what's next; ohh - I'm fresh