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Artist: Willie D
Album:  Realest Niggas Down South compilation
Song:   Pussy in the Click
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Here's somethin for you fraudulent-ass niggas

	(Pussy in the click, pussy in the click
	I got a muthafuckin pussy in my click)		(4x)

Signin loyalty contracts
You muthafuckas is bitch
Takin a nigga kindness for weakness
Wishin I knew some of y'all niggas was hoes
A smile ain't nothin but a frown turned upside down
Watch these niggas

[ VERSE 1 ]
Say nigga, you'se a hoe if I ever seen one
Pay me my fuckin dough when I see you then some
Clear the way, fuck was comin out of that fool's mouth?
Here comes the realest nigga down south
Have you ever had a nigga in your muthafuckin click
Claimin that he real, but he's a muthafuckin bitch?
Actin all hard, nigga can't squab
Give that bitch your dope and watch his ass get robbed
Gotta watch my back, cause these niggas are makin dirty moves
Screamin that they down, when in fact they hatin on the crew
Call me a fool, but I roll on them sons of bitches
And I don't give a fuck about the consequences
I'm jumpin fences, it's me, the police kinda fat
Cause my muthafuckin homie downtown rat
Homicidal ideas crossin my mind
Bitches callin my parole officer lyin
Can't seem to find a true pal
You say you're down with me, but tryin to fuck my gal
Thought you was real, nigga, but you fake as shit
Yo girlish ways make you a pussy in the click

	(Pussy in the click, pussy in the click
	I got a muthafuckin pussy in the click)

[ VERSE 2 ] 
Remember when you brought hoes to my crib, and vice versa
After the club gettin pussy on the dresser
Fuckin in the same room, that's how it was
If I had a quarter, it was yours
Like a crackhead and his pipe, me and you was tight
So fuckin close we even dressed alike
You used to say, "Fuck L.L. and Run-D.M.C.
They can't fuck with my nigga Willie D"
But then I started makin money
And you started actin funny
Tellin people I changed
Speakin bad on my name
But I'm the same muthafucka that saved your life
When them killers was tryin to get you at the club that night
Comin off tour, kickin you down on the strenght
Bought your kids Christmas gifts and paid your goddamn rent
I can't believe all the shit you said
Puttin my business in the sewer
Gossipin like a bitch, nigga, you a

	(Pussy in the click, pussy in the click
	I got a muthafuckin pussy in the click)

[ VERSE 3 ]
Fraud niggas, stay out of my reach, capisc'
And get your own shit like Lil' Kim, you goddamn leech
Don't make me preach, cause I can talk about this shit for days
Sheift-hearted bastards and they bitchy ways
These niggas out for self, they can't be trusted
In your face when you got paper, but where they at when you busted?
Well adjusted to ridin solo, who needs a friend
When every nigga and his mammy tryin to win on ya?
I fight by myself, get drunk by myself
Smoke weed by myself, cause I don't need no fuckin help
Watch your step, cause loyalty is taught to locate
>From the streets to the suites everybody so fake
Snake in the grass, I see your ass, and it's tremlbin black
We ran a train on that hoe, and you keep doublin back
Now we don't speak, but it ain't my fault you fell in love with that bitch
Down to play, now you stuck with a pussy in the click