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Artist: Ras Kass f/ Sauce Money, Sheek Louch
Album:  Ras Kass Presents: Re-Up The Compilation
Song:   3 the Best
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(Intro)(Sauce Money + Ras Kass + Sheek Louch)
(S) What we going to do right we going to start this mother fucker of in
brooklyn best style you heard me
(R) (Sauce mother fuckin)
(S) Then I am going to past it to my nigga and we going to swing over to the
y.o. you know
(R)(SL) (Ruff ryder style)(Sheek Louch)
(S) Then we going to pass it to my other nigga and we going to do it west
side style you know
(R) (West side)

[Verse One: Sauce Money]
I spit solely for the guacemole
Come through and make a rapper do a back flip rock a rolly and
Reach for my glock slowly if you try to interfere on how I stack chips
I take chicks to the tele just a happy fan
Now she wanna get a glimpse of my magic hand
She said she like the way it stretch out like plastic man
Sauce money tell me where would you have it land
Told shorty look I got to get back to my grands
Hurry up I am in the rush like jackie chan
Married woman, single or engaged, hood rats still got them to creep
Now we rock them to sleep
Because we got the best songs that pesese charm
Besides if you tricky you just chance head strong
Rappers better respect dawns and ex-cons
and keep your vest on this is how we speak with teflon

[Verse Two: Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo it's Sheek Louch nigga and I will pop till y'all gone
Only thing I knew niggaz popped and it's gone
And y'all might pop shit but that's about it
What you know about guns that come out my sleeve
And bullets that fly around your head like bee's
That will hit you and leave holes the size of pee's jes
When I flow it's like tae-kwon-doe
On some do-jo and it just a hobby
How fuck Daniel-san going to beat Mr. Miyagi
Wax on wax off with a knock out or better
I leave three threw the e of your enyce sweater
What pop shit and I am first day delivery
Straight threw your chest pope on your block
In a big brown truck like I am ups
And I don't know about y'all that re-up real small
You don't spend more then a thousand at the mall
If you owe sheek pay me I don't care how you hit me
It don't race me if your car don't cost more then fifty
I'm that cat that threatens on y'all mc's
With a devil flow that will pop your rosary beeds
I from where bitches that know about cooking up coke
Bring ever gram back and keep heat by the twat
That will blend in perfect in a deminacan spot
Now it's me that nigga that shine like glitter
And I must say dogg I am a hell of a spitter
We finish things y'all hell of a quiters

[Verse Three: Ras Kass]
I spit from the genitals bitch, leave 'em masculine skinch
Got niggaz panackin, petro and penanican flinch
Grew a mechanical inch the root of all evil
Green theft and green spray with a tech but we can't all eat thow
Cause y'all fethal, we run lethal, homicide victims of a fed fax and pete gold
Sugar nobody is ever equal [why] cause the more we make
the more we taking from other people
Livin in puerto rico padarin LAX to JFK
At baggage claim with three hoes like Santa's day
My third eye be the equivilant to the album red pie
so I give you a piece of my mind, just multiply times infinite
Spiritual elevate so I high commite drive bye's while I sky dive
Sip on my time perform shit only concieved in sci-fi so why try test
It's boom bye bye Mr. Ice real guy
You must have been looking some where else like biggie smalls lazy eye
Pop sicker then your average Acquired Immune Deficiency Symdrome infected fast

[Chorus: Sheek Louch]
We don't care where your from nigga east or west
And we don't care what you wear we don't aim for the vest
It's lox, sauce and Ras Kass three of the best
Only niggaz with money we don't fuck with the rest
We don't care where your from nigga east or west
And we don't care what you wear we don't aim for the vest
It's lox, sauce and Ras Kass three of the best
Only niggaz with money we don't fuck with the rest ya heard

[Ras Kass]
It's like that nigga and it's always gonna be like that so you peeon as niggaz
I got a new word for you y'all niggaz boon walk that mean beat it backwards
Fuck out of here nigga the matrix Sheek Louch my nigga Sauce Money Ras Kass
Blaze sky walker nigga the matrix get the fuck out of here