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Artist: South Park Mexican (SPM) f/ Mr. Shadow, Baby Bash/Baby Beesh
Album:  Pocos Pero Locos: The Show (Compilation)
Song:   I Need a Sweet (Remix)
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[South Park Mexican {*dialing*}]
Man, let me call this boy, man
Hey, your boy doing bad

[Juan Gotti] Dope House Records
[SPM]        What up, Gotti
             Say man, I need a ride to the weed house man
[Juan Gotti] Fa sho', homeboy, I'll be right there

[South Park Mexican]
I need a sweet
With short red hair
And when a sweet
I need to be there
I need a sweet
Hear what I say
A killer sweet
To get me through the day

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
I need a sweet
So I can blow
A forty dollar sweet
Full of indo
I got a buzz
Uh hun, that's why I does
I put diamonds on my daughter's hairbrush
In this times
Of hate and pain
We need a remedy
To get us out the rain
A little greed
I been thinking
Of what I need
Purple leaves
With crystal flakes
If it's not hydro, please get that out my face
Two-twenty five for a half of O-Z
In the club, with my homeboy Joey T
My science project was in the school arena
Cause I made a bong out this old steam cleaner
Ya mon

Chorus: South Park Mexican
I need a sweet
With short red hair
And when a sweet
I need to be there
I need a sweet
Hear what I say
A killer sweet
To get me through the day
Help me out
I need a sweet
I really do
I need a sweet
Can I smoke a few
I need a sweet
To get me right
I need a sweet
Everyday and everynight

"Mr. Shadow..."

(Verse 2)
{South Park Mexican in background}
[Mr. Shadow] It's uh, 4:20
             Time to get high (High)
             Choke til I'm gone all day and all night (Night)
             Doing what I'm doin' when I'm cruisin' around
             It's Mr. Shadow from Diego and I'm holding it down
             We blazing a pound, from the west side, down to the south
             Three buds, no seeds, that's what I'm talkin' about
             We smoke cal til ya black out
             I'm in the zone and I don't wanna come back out
             Hell nah
             Let's all get, high
             Fly through the, sky
             I want a super red hair with green eyes
             Til I die, I'm a get my smoke on
             And write a song when I'm hittin' a bong
             All day long
             Ain't nothin' wrong with that
             And if you ever wanna chill, better bring a sack
             It's like that
             You'll get high off contact
             Don't ever let me catch ya dippin' in my chrome bat {Come on, Beesh}
[Baby Bash]  I need an
             S to the W, double E, T
             If you smoke with Baby Beesh, don't tell the police
             Cause I'm on that paper, mayn, that's wrong
             Cal with a sweet and fat O-zone
             If you want that dope
             I got a boat load
             While my girl got my baby momma in a chokehold
             Smoke til my eyes turn Japaneese
             Me and Carlos lit half-a-tree
             Now I don't pimp
             A jigalow
             I blow big indo with my niggaros
             Gotta mouth full of cotton cause I'm off green butter
             Marijuana, mayn, I love her
[SPM]        This some good ass weed, Beesh
[Baby Bash]  Ain't it, though?
             I will not think they'll play this on the radio
             I hope so, I need to pay my rent
             Now split that sweet down the middle, pimp

Repeat Chorus

[South Park Mexican]
Man, that was some good ass weed, bro
I'm feeling good
Uh hun, my name is Los
Uh hun, I'm feeling good

{*Juan Gotti and SPM laughing*}
[Juan Gotti] You a fool, nigga
[SPM]        Yeah, I'll take me to that next dimension, homie
[Juan Gotti] Aight, yeah