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Aritst: Master Fol, JT Money, Pastor Troy
Album:  Lyricist Lounge 2
Song:   Watcha
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[JT Money]

[Master Fuol and Pastor Troy]
Get crunk
Get crunk
Put em up
Get throwed
On the floor

[JT Money]
Oh you didn't know we
Mia, NYC, Houston, now what

(M) Watcha watcha bout
(Jt & Pt) ice
(M) Watcha car bout
(Jt 7 Pt) dubs
(M) Watcha streets bout
(Jt & Pt) police
(M) You know we keep em out
(Jt & Pt) what
(M) You can get it
The rotten apple I bite it
The dirty bottom I hit it
If you want it come and get it get it

[JT Money]
I'm a nigga from the MIA, to the NYC
Chickens ride for me, cause the pimp I be
I got this game from the streets got game for free
Sweatin on freaks cause I play for keeps
See all them pretty ho's high on x
The more you flex the more you get sexed
Mi where the knuckleheads don't see life
Like all ya'll niggas want to get 3 strikes?
I gotta problem with the police
And the streets make a nigga want to hold heat
You sayin there that black got gold teeth
And a mother from the east don't know me
In the fame for the chasin cheese
Earsin these
Fake ass g'z
Wit the ABC's
(For what) them niggas ain't serious
Puttin it down with some lines for the lyricist
And I'm real with this
Game recognize game
Son play the same
But J off the chain
Tear yo ass out the frame
Don't fuck with J
I love to spray and bust nuts ok
Ya'll sucker boys better know somethin
When it comes to J ain't no frontin
Till some boy run his mouth
Real niggas run in ya house
That squad you with get stuck

[Master Fuol]
I get paid to spit bars
Spendin half on a car
Half on a strip bar
Go back get a bitch
Jump back kiss myself and be like GOOD GOD!
Look paw
Come here with ya Cardio rollio
Cut yo wrist off
Pockets ripped off (stop it big dog)
I'm from where shots get licked off


[Pastor Troy]
Devil's after me
They try they best to capture me
He to young he will be the perfect causality
I don't give a fuck MY NIGGA
Asking these pussy niggas WHAT MY NIGGA
Yellow paper
So these haters
Wanna see me die
If I kill em I'm the muthafuckin bad guy
Ask me why I don't fuck with nobody
The same shit that fucked John Gotti
My nigga yotti on the road with me
Mister they roll with me
Come spend the doe with me
I may empties a O
Before the show
I must admit they got me gaud on that ho
Family repesentin
Niggas talkin that shit niggas get missin
You wanna buck
We can buck motherfucker
Master Fuol put them niggas in the gutta

[Master Fuol]
Man I blast a boy for Pastor Troy
Straight closed casket boy, ya know Fuol's a nasty boy
Ya betta clap me boy
Don't hate me, get money with JT
Nigga bout straight cheese
Where the papers at (you put blaze on that?)
How much you pay for that?
Like 80 g's


[Master Fuol]
I'm about that dirty disgusting
The dirty dirty we bustin
The dirty bird be cluckin
Suckin and finger fuckin
I'm form where they kill you for nothin
If you frontin
Wanna tussle *sounds*
You see them niggas runnin duckin
This for my bitches who get it
And handle they business
Shake that ass
Make that cash
(DON'T STOP GET IT GET IT)-Jt Money and Pastor Troy
Low rocks wrist lited
4 dot 6 get it
6-4 hits with ya bank account 6 DIGITS!


[Master Fuol]
Dun dun da-dun-la-dun (x8)