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Artist: Notorious B.I.G.
Album:  Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2
Song:   16 Bars
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* recorded live; some idiot yelling "YO BIGGIE MAN!" 
  and "GO BIGGIE MAN!" obscured this line - it's not very clear

[Big]	Cut that shit off man
[Puff]	What you're about to see comin next is
[Big]	Rhyme for rhyme (??)
[Puff]	The nigga that's represented me
[Big]	Rhyme for rhyme
[Puff]	in ninety-three
[Big]	Let a Bad Boy wreck dog, give it here
[Puff]	Give it up for my man
[Big]	Give it here
[Puff]	You aight Big, give 'em about 16 bars
[Big]	Set it off like this

[Notorious B.I.G.]
All you niggaz better leave the fuckin state, no need to masturbate
Fuckin with Biggie, it's time to castrate.. it's clobberin time
When I rip rhymes I quench thirsts like Very Fine
and I'm still thirsty - niggaz wanna hurt the, six-pack, maniac
Coke, tecs, and macs black
Check the stacks, what the fuck?
I throw uppercuts like Riddick Bowe
And I'm wicked with the slow-flow, y'know?
I'm pressin hard, I'm leavin creases
Cuttin up bodies and talkin to the pieces
* If there's beef I'm eatin meatless
Touch the bone, hit the dome, Al Capone
Get stoned off the blunt when it's filled with the skunk
Get drunk, and do a demolition to punk
And all chumps, that scream that my shit don't thump
They catch lumps and bumps, I'll put a shake in your rump

{*crowd screams and goes nuts*}