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Artist: Illa Noize (J-Getm)
Album:  Game Over (Compilation)
Song:   Who R U?
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I'm straight up band, hitman
Yo I'm doin my thing
Who caught my name, no that big boys don't pain
Is you the same? Spit straight fire at this game
Put it on these niggas, Ain't a damn thing changed
Pull up on the Range, CD changed
Got the Desert E's, case niggas wan' bang
Do my thang, spit my own sling
My target be bitch ass niggas spittin my name
When you say Illa Noize, say bad boy
Think earthquake nigga, think mad noise
You know my name, know my thang
It ain't a game, double on the cash nigga
Blang blang

Chorus 2X:
Say who who who
Who R U, U, U
Who R U, U, U
Who R U [He's a bad bad man]

It's ya critical, ridical jaw breaker
Junk spittin wild problem child, jar maker
For heavens saka, hope ya niggas don't want it
Turn around whistle to my dogs, get it blunted
For different war, that old Vietnam tour
Blowin twenty two in the thirty four four
This niggas raw, A/K/A hardcore
Pay Jay style, blow!, right thru the door
You own the floor, blood splattered, bodies scattered
M.I.A. enemy no more
It's Illa Noize, veteran never a rookie
Comin to school, show ya loose, ya play hookie
Ya crumble cookie, we all know, you can't hang
We just trouble man, lookin for the thug thang
We in the wrong direction
God body ya be hard like erection, ain't no love
Spit it like a spitter, nigga
I'm a real nigga
Come and get it get it nigga
And ya ask me

Chorus 2X

Aiyo ya little niggas, best to watch where ya stand man
Standin on the edge will kill the niggas maintain
Blowin up nasty nigga, grow like Rogaine
Follow like Shan did to Big Daddy Kane
And stick 'em up, this style niggas insane
Ya half fed, niggas step out the game
Fragile as ya frame, sweet as ya name
Pussy cat nigga known to a lion mane
Ya booty heads is slow mo, straight no show
Fuckin with a loco, get off the mojo

Chorus 3.5X