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Artist: Godfather, Royal Flush, Rah Fese
Album:  Game Over (Compilation)
Song:   Think Like Street
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Chorus: Godfather
I-I think like, eat like, sleep like street
I-I think like, eat like, sleep like street
I-I think like, eat like, sleep like street
I-I think like, eat like, sleep like street

[Godfather a/k/a G.O.D.]
Forgive me for thinkin this way in a foul state
Live bay niggas try hard to escape
Grab a taste, get blown 40 gate with this
Infamous, murderous shit, the click leave gashes
Up in this hard life style, similar to nun wild thuns with guns
They bop to a silent beat, walk thru the slums at night
Fully on point, animal instinct, ya lids blink
Eyes shrink leary of my hood mentality
I think like, eat like, sleep like street
We battle with the beats till the cypher complete
And, never the lessly, true tales come beneath P, peep this
Petty dime niggas grow up to be rich
Had the time to flip
To the end we survive this, born with the liveness
Asylus, some godness to be

[Royal Flush]
All I wanna do is eatin it right, hold guns, fist fight
Coke out at low price, runnin thru the red light
Blast that blue and white, smoke dro wherever I like
Car, mansions and bikes, shorties givin head right
Pussy off the website, hundred thou on the pitfight
With street palmers, six packs and two shotties
Still hustle where I caught bodies, the black Gotti
Queens I'm in the biz, Dirty South in the Caddy
Lovin my life, fuck it if it's wrong or right
Cocaine music, make ya sniff it all night
Coast to coast flight, ATL a brick on my white
Runnin from Vice, without a deal I still rock mics
While I separate the real from ya clown type
Bash you with chrome pipes, never been to jail or been sliced
Platinum under ice, stand in the dark and make light
You said you heard my rhyme? We gonna have to fight
Cuz I just made the muthafucka up last night


[Rah Fese a/k/a Hafice]
Yo Allah forgive me, for my life beein so shifty
Cuttin up fifties, bleed heat, and I try to see a nigga stick me
The God be warfare, that left ya back twisted
Packin that black biscuit, and get you ya cap twisted
Words from all, my elders told me, want my batchers only at towns
Remember words that my Grandma once told me
Don't disregard the Bible, cuz it's all about survival
And even I know Pharoah, will never find out where I hid the hydro
Undercover still tryin to play hero, gettin chased for DeNiro
Have ya heart below zero
Cuz the hustle's a hastle, Pharoah will cut thru ya castle
And try to bust you or bash you over a couple of capsules
Times a rival, touchin my piece like a thief
Cuz seven of soldiers in ghetto warfare found deceased