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Artist: Groovy
Album:  Game Over (Compilation)
Song:   Smokin Trees
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Smokin trees, makes me feel high
Burnin like the forest in my mind
Do-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu, I can't stop fiendin for Mary Jane
Everyday dreamin for a taste
When I come home, from a hard day's work
And my Philly's there, oh yeah, gettin shorter
Take one to the head and I feel it
Playstation wit the Live 2 triple 0
Hit pause, I'm reachin for my ashtray
Light the clip, take a hit, inhale it slow
Ohhhhh, ohhh, ohh, smokin, smokin trees
Makes me feel high, burnin like the forest in my mind
Smokin trees makes me feel high, burnin...