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Artist: Tomorrow's Weapons
Album:  Game Over (Compilation)
Song:   Que, Que
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Worldwide, W
Another banger
Come On

Chorus 2X:
A ha, I heard them niggas really want beef
Non mi diga, can't stand to see a nigga eat
Que que, let's gather up the peeps, hundred deep
Ta to, tell em we can take it to the streets

What ya want
Ya counterfeit, ford bootleg MC's
Whose the best let's see, only fool test me
My peoples get, up most respect
Cut throats, b threats, and they both meet death
Deep breaths, then I breath again
Leavin three of your men, meetin me in they end
They I flee in a Benz, I ain't see a penn'
An eye for an eye, now we even again
It's that season again, take caution what ya flossin
You might take a loss, involve past your corpse and

Chorus 2X

I may be humble and wise, but when the trouble arise
We can throw fists till them niggas double my size
Never fear foes, watch em off, offer severe blows
You can't win, ya has beens speakin career low
Watchin em slow, once I spot em, lock em and load
Cuz I pop in the whole, when any nigga plottin for dough
Out of control, arson out of parole
Outlaw on the run from the cops patrol
Dominate flow, it's obvious I'm a prominate pro
Over power, ya cop in em, when I'm bobbin the show
If you just findin, you know all can knock em out
Left on the ring floor, waitin for the ref to count them out

Chorus 2X

Polish guns till they glisses, red dot for the distance
Keep em barrels spinnin, niggas screamin for I missed this
Lord be my witness, ya inches outta existence
Branch out thing, fuck the jizza with the fishes
When it get's pitch black into mitch match
Type of dogs that bark but they never bite bark
Ya hearts must be brave, to dig your grave
Words sharp enough to split a hair without a blade
For the bestell of rebel, on with the fuego

Chorus 3X