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Artist: The Masterdon Committee
Album:  Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology
Song:   Get Off My Tip!
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Get off
Get off
Get off my tip

[ Pebblee Poo ]
KC, you did me wrong, I wanna talk to you
Just running in the streets, you know the rent is due
Then took my money to cold fill your head
But if I don't see 300 in 2 you're dead

[ Keith KC ]
Now baby, don't break, wait a minute, hold up
Stop coming out your mouth, girl, enough is enough
You can talk about the mortgage and throwing me out
But you always come looking for me, that's no doubt

[ Pebblee Poo ]
Ah-ah, don't play me out, don't even try to pretend
Come and get your clothes, baby, spend a night with your friend
Let the doorknob hit you where the dog shoulda bit you
If you keep talking mess, then my brothers will get you

[ Keith KC ]
Well you can't throw me out, I was leaving anyway
You made a meat loaf that tasted like clay
When I come in late I want a homecooked meal
Not a ( ? ) sandwich and banana peel

[ Pebblee Poo ]
You should be eating clay for what I've been through
I feel like I'm the keeper at the neighborhood zoo
When I come home from work sauce is on the floor
And the funk is greeting me at my door

[ Keith KC ]
Hello Pebblee, come and have a seat
[ Pebblee Poo ]
You know what? Garbage trucks smell like your feet
[ Keith KC ]
Stop screaming and shouting and having a fit
Just stop bugging on me, girl, and get off my tip

Get off
Get off
Get off my tip

[ Keith KC ]
Now that you calmed down, let me talk to you
See I knew for a fact that the rent was due
Now about the money, I take the blame
Because I lost fifty dollars betting on the game
I bought sneakers, pants and a sheepskin hat
And a new goose-down to put on my back

[ Pebblee Poo ]
( ? ), don't give me that
You had at least spent 50 dollars on some crack
[ Keith KC ]
Now you're yelling again, not tryina see it my way
You ask me for money almost every day
You see I need things too, that you must admit
Why don't you be a real woman and not counterfeit?
Stop screaming and shouting and having a fit
Just stop bugging on me, girl, and get off my tip

Get off
Get off
Get off my tip

[ Pebblee Poo ]
Ask you for money, on a mission from God?
You never had a crooked dollar, let alone a job
Telling all your friends that I'm easy to please
When you know from the get you never had the keys
Now if I was so easy we can deal with proof
Let's see who gon' be living under this roof

[ Keith KC ]
Let's drop it
[ Pebblee Poo ]
You're on it
[ Keith KC ]
Get off it, doggone it
[ Pebblee Poo ]
Just like the Green Hornet
[ Keith KC ]
You know that you want it
[ Pebblee Poo ]
KC, I should slap you way cross town
Grab you by your nappy hair and throw you down
Every morning six months you never comb your hair
If it wasn't for me you'd be on welfare
[ Keith KC ]
Talking 'bout my hair, you got a lotta nerve
You got mad extensions and wigs on reserve
And you wonder why I never take you out?
The roaches call your head a honeycomb hideout

(Come to the honeycomb hideout now)

[ Pebblee Poo ]
Oh you tryina ( ? ) with that stitch on your lip
That you got when I slashed you with my bruised fist
( ? ) just the other day
Your ( ? ) the table and ran away
Enough of this talk, we're too close for that
I wanna talk about the Poo as I start to rap
I'm about being cool yes, and don't you forget
They call me Pebblee Poo, the Poo, the best out yet
Never tryina play post high and that's a fact
I just dress to impress cause I got it like that
Never tryina be cool and never speak your mind
Got to be like the Poo, be one of a kind
Got the money, get loose, hah, give it a boost
Got to be like the two and get all the best juice
If you ever thought the Poo couldn't rock the mike
Take heed to what you thought, I can make your night
Make your head diddy-bop, Poo is never a flop
Cause I'm the queen of the flock, I make you boogie non-stop

[ Keith KC ]
Now you got it, Pebblee, I don't wanna beef
I just wanna lounge out and feel relief
I wanna grab a lady and start to play
And if I pick one up tonight this is what I'd say:
Hello lovely lady, tell me how do you do?
I got something new for you and your crew
To listen to, yeah, while we do the do
And if you wanna you can dance as I start the boogaloo
I don't want you to think that I be running a scam
So I let you know right now who I am
I be the super-duper ( ? )
Known to everybody as a microphone trooper
Name is KC when I start to rock
MC's run and hide cause they know they get clocked
Before we get loose I tell you this straight up
I'm the original, I am not a MC duck
So if you wanna ( ? )
If you try don't mess around, I have to take you out
Like this

Get off
Get off
Get off my tip