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Artist: Pebblee Poo
Album:  Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology
Song:   A Fly Guy
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Fly guy

Now wait just a minute, could this be true?
Boogie Boys got a rumor on the avenue
Tryina diss females on their finesse
Ain't got a dime in your pocket, no type of interest
Could it be, baby doll, that you're diggin for gold?
You got to dig a little deeper cause we're just that cold
Fly guys got plenty women, yes they're playin the role
But I'm a too hot to hold and you must be told
It's true I love a man who is aimin to please
When it's time to get sweet there's somethin up your sleeve
No you don't quite have it, no you're not the man
This ain't slam-bam, thank you m'am, understand?
Huh, you're wastin time, yes I do believe
Cause the life that I lead, it takes a pro to read
I told you once, I told you twice and I'll tell you again
You won't get the seven digits, so get rid of the pen
My mother is a lawyer, yes this is true
And my father is a doctor, what it means to you?
Yes the family tree is what you want to join
From this bank account you won't get a coin
Like ( ? ) nine to five
( ? ) very independent, yes kickin it live
I like a real fly cutie, like a GQ style
He just dress to impress, he's on the top of the pile
The brown-skinned fellas are the ones ( ? )
( ? ) their love is everlastin that this girl needs

A fly guy

(Fly guy)

You know I'm bubblin brown, known all over the town
My name is Pebblee Poo and I love to get down
5 foot 2, always cuttin a smile
You can never ever say that I'm not the right gal
My sign is Gemini for those who don't know
I'm about much gold and all the gusto
Wear a gold name chain and the name earrings
( ? ) is the real sure thing
When I drive up in a ride you may call it a swing
But when I glance at yours I say, "That old thing?"
Your car have three wheels, no type of shocks
And seem to cut off every three to four blocks
You said to get comfortable, you said to rest my tush
But your car is a sissy, now get out and push
You don't have to drive a car to impress the Poo
Cause if your pockets ain't workin, then your rap is through
I don't sport a ( ? ) bag but I like to style
I also like to be different, somethin worth your while
I could never wear Cazel's, now be for real
I might as well got a spot on the football field
The Poo wear a Kangol, have you gone mad?
I'm a fly girl, baby, not the man from ( ? )
Yes I am a fly girl speakin my mind
And I speak up for the ladies cause we one of a kind
Fly girls all around, don't eat the puppy chow
Or deal with the who, what, why or how
I could really get nasty, so to speak
Let me ask you a question, what do y'all eat?
No fluorescent sauces, not a type of taste
Ha, know your funky sneakers when they're screamin the bass
You know your socks are chokin if they're pleadin for help
When it's time to do the laundry, yes you do it yourself
We know you like to wear sneakers every now and then
Stop tryina fit a size 12 into a 10
You know the mud in your toes is suffocatin your nose
So put a seed in between it and watch how it grows

How can you call yourself fly, think it's all about you
When your arms can't keep a secret, smellin up the crew
Fly guys always talkin 'bout what they did
Got 22 ladies and 15 kids
To top it all off, they're not worth the fight
Lookin like ( ? )
They just wanna be on, yes the talk of the town
But on they feet they got the ( ? ) from Buster Brown
Got a head full of curls that refuse to blow
Hair done at a bakery, poppin fresh 'fro
And let's not forget about the styles, you see
I think it's called 'Buy a razor, get a jersey free'

Don't mean to be rude but what have they been lickin?
Throw on the bass and you know the breath is kickin
Cologne's not workin, muscles all out of place
And you can play tic or tac or toe on their face
You could never be on top with any acne spots
Love the life you live with connectin your dots
Clearasil will make your face much clearer
Fly guys know what? Take a look in the mirror
Can't stand a fly guy with his nose in the air
Actin like he has dollars but he's on welfare
Got butter on his teeth, now that's a fact
The fact most of their clothes were homemade from scratch
You just wanna be seen with a fly female
With the manicured hairs and the gold finger nails
Well I hate to bust your bubble but you have failed
Because most of those ladies purchase them on sale
Fellas at times will be doin you wrong
Yo when the girls get hip they start swingin their charm
Baby doll it won't work, go where ya belong
Ya go on-cha-cha-on-cha-on-cha-on-on
You were very out of place about the painted on jeans
When your no-name brand should never be seen
Need to go upstairs, read a couple of books
And don't come down till you improve your looks
You could never be so fly to talk to Pebblee
With your boulevard shoes singin "Lean on me"
Don't have to earn a talent, fly girl herself
My name is Pebblee Poo and I'm on the top shelf

A fly guy

(A fly guy)

( ? ) smells like anything goes
When all that you wear are 'summer' clothes
Some of his clothes, some of his clothes
Some of his clothes, and some of his clothes
I'm the Pebblee Poo with the Poo y'all
Y'all, the Pebblee Poo with the Poo y'all