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Artist: The Showboys
Album:  Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology
Song:   Drag Rap *
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ * AKA Triggerman ]

( *siren sound, car tires screeching* )

The rhymes you are about to hear are true

MC's names have been changed to protect the innocent

(Drag Rap)

Our story starts in a town that was not tame
There was no laws, things were insane
In order to survive you had to be mean
Our story starts in notorious Queens
Two gangleaders bound to meet
The ultimate conclusion - one's defeat
They ruled their turf with an iron hand
Bugs Can Can and Filthy Triggerman (Triggerman)

Now I'm Bugs Can Can, there can none match
My sawed-off shotgun'll blow out yo chest
If Filthy Trigger comes my way
I'm gonna cut off his head and put it on display

Hold up ( ? ) don't you be so bold
Cause that trash that you're poppin, better put on hold
Cause I'm definitely comin, you know I don't lie
Remember Bugs, you used to run but you can't hide

(Drag Rap)

Alright boys, the plan goes this way
I wanna blow Triggerman back to yesterday
Nardo, I want you to go to his house
Ring his doorbell and punch his wife in her mouth
Drag her by the hair into the street
Tie a rope to the bumper, other end to her feet
Drag her with the car till day turns night
Oh and Nardo, give that broad a bad day (Alright)
Cut her off the car, throw her back in the yard
And tell her Bugs Can Can sends his regards

(Drag Rap)

Alright thugs, here's what we'll do
Red Money goes straight to you know who
Bugs Can Can, that heartless hound
And tell him that it's time that he leaves this town
On your way back bring me his son
Lock him in a trunk, yeah that should be fun
And so Bugs knows he has to lose
Have his son fitted for cement shoes
Then drag him from the river, throw him back in Bugs' yard
With a note around his neck sayin 'Triggerman's hard'

(Drag Rap)

Oh no, what happens next? For goodness' sake
So stay tuned till after this commercial break

( *beatboxing while tune from Old Spice commercial is whistled* )

Now this battle goes on for quite a while
Trigger's wife is hurt bad, Bugs loses a child
But nevertheless this contest of power
Is gettin more critical by the hour
With my ( ? ) Phillie blunt in my hand
Bugs Can said: It's time I dropped this man
Trigger fixes his grip, my last words were clear
I said: Boys, it's time to get busy out here
So we loaded up our limos with our gangland members
Some with Uzis in their hands ridin on the fender
Police was warned, they was under alert
Cause in a little while Hollis would be goin berzerk
Yes Hollis Queens was the place of this showdown
News traveled fast, it was like a ghosttown
Limos rolled up, the distance were safe
Bugs drew third, Trigger drew fifth place
Uzis pulled on, 9 milimeters cocked
In the air was the sirens of the lousy cops
Bugs Can Can said: That doesn't matter
Pulled on my Uzi and ratatatatata
Trigger yelled: Scatter, my posse dispersed
And the spray that went back was two times worse
The boom was a sawed-off ( ? ) assume
Bein held in the hands of Eliot Ness
Standin on the roof with a badge on his chest
He said: Alright boys, the law is here
So let's drop those weapons, put your hands in the air
What?! came out the mouth of Bugs Can Can
Put my hands in the air, who is this man?
Eliot Ness? Please, who is this?
When I paid off the force, was there someone I missed?
No, you couldn't be, arrestin me
I own your boss, your judges and any jury
I'm the one that rules, I'm in command
Somebody tell him who I am - Bugs Can Can
Now look Mr. Ness, you must be new
A flat-footed, pointy-ass, stink-punk screw
Cause Filthy Triggerman has one thing to say
You better get off that roof and be on your way
So don't waste your time arrestin me
Cause on your paycheck is signed 'Triggerman Filthy'
I'm above the law, so don't feel cheated
Mr. Ness, put a egg in your shoe and beat it (beat it)
(Drag Rap)
So with this in mind, yes, Ness did shout:
There'll be a tree standin where you are when you get out
And if anyone runs, your boots I'll cook 'em
Gave a smile to his boys and then said: Book 'em (book 'em)

(Drag Rap)