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Artist: Latee
Album:  Ego Trip * The Big Playback
Song:   This Cut's Got Flavor
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

	..* Ego Trip's "Book of Rap Lists"; p. 321 *..

[Verse One]
Now for those who like slippin, rippin, and peepin
I'll add the flavor, so you can sink your teeth in
Repeats a bit of, that's why I got rid of
some crews, but that's old news now I'm with a
heavy bunch of hardcore, stirrin up an encore
Grab the Dom Perignon and pour
a glass for yourself and one so I can sip on
Walk on the stage and put a no-slip grip on
the mic and hug it tight say your rhyme and you'll bite
Cause I feel like, rockin to this beat all night
That's right, but I'm not quite through with this
It's kinda hard to stop since I'm new to this
thing called rappin, that's got me hooked
Too strung out; if you can't imagine it took
some friends of mine who took time to be critics
To stop listen and learn the man did it
work cause I'm workin out to the utmost
To get a close-up, you gotta move up close
to feel the full effect and you'll dance and wave a
hand to the man, who's kickin, the flavor

[Verse Two]
This cut's got flavor; so I'ma have to save a
part for my DJ, because he gave a
hundred and ten percent invent styles that dent
holes in your clothes cause I'm dominant
If you think that you'll win, you'll be hexed, but enough said
For L-A-T-E-E with enough breath
Sorry (??) stepped on feet
I'm entitled to one, for the rest is comin sweet cause
I got flavor, more than a Life Saver
And on the fader, this beat's creator
is DJ Mark, he'll always amaze me
Try to diss and you'll be pushin up daisies
Exclusively designed for the musically inclined
Go 'head and get off his tip, and get on mine
cause a DJ, without a rapper
can't keep the joint jumpin, can only get the feet tappin
Happy, but I know what your choice is
to hear every dope beat with dope voices