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Artist: MC EZ & Troup
Album:  Ego Trip * The Big Playback
Song:   Get Retarded
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

	..* Ego Trip's "Book of Rap Lists"; p. 30 *..

{EDITOR'S NOTE: MC EZ is better known as "Craig Mack"}

Once again, on the B-side, is the most delightful sounds
of Diamond J EZ -- yo, so funky, so so funky
Yo so smart.. I get retarded

[Verse One]
One two three and, add the four and
if it is crowded, then push down the door and
check out the adventures of J and EZ and
I like the old school, but I forsee in
the future like a gypsy from here to Poughkeepsie
Spin around in a circle, not get dizzy but get busy
The Brentwood Town shippin's, gonna move your hip and
I ain't finished, so please shut your lip and
listen to it today, may sound like a cliche
but like Frank Sinatra, I'ma do it my way
So there's my funky intro, I have started
Now J get on the cut, so I can get retarded

[Verse Two]
When it comes to lyrics, Craig cleans up like Hazel
From girls down to money, whatever the case'll be
you'll still see that MC EZ and Diamond J
Come and think about it, hey ain't no way'n
I can be taken I'm shakin like Jordan
It wouldn't be two but four points on the board and
MC EZ and versatility go together
like a bird in the hand and understand that
how much emceein could an emcee MC 
if a weak emcee could MC?
But there's only one emcee that can truly MC
and that one, EZ is me {*pause*}
Now I'm probably enragin, but I'm engagin
If you're finished glancin, then turn over the page and
read between the lines and, signs of the times and
rap is really changin, but I'm still arrangin
beats that never stale you see the fanclub still will mail me
If I was a theater, I'd be Alvin Ailey
But I'm just an MC and believe I got it
No need to act sane - just cold get retarded

[Verse Three]
Well here I go again and my friend, you will see
that I'm a veteran, and I'll send, different type
of rap styles, through the airwave and
always do a show, cause all my fans be savin
And I put to rest, any contest
?? you'll rant and ravin
But don't go wild, cause ain't no misbehavin
J is on the wheels, keepin beats sturdy
And if you try to go, then you will face the consequence
and I will run every kind of sentence
Not the old school - cause that style's past tense
I'm not illin or whylin, actin like a child in
cause this is one-thousand nine-hundred and eighty-eight
This is the year to make money and be chillin
I might not be Milk G, but I am "Top Billin'"..

.. yo yo, one time for the party people out there
Brentwood's definitely in effect
Got my man Kev Wood in the house (true)
My man Andre, Jimmy Jim, Lil' Dave, Mark, Todd (no doubt)
Teddy Lee in effect!  Yo can't forget the 9-8 posse
Gets stronger as the day gets longer
14 Karat, yo Cool Shell
The whole JVC Force, my man J-Stro, the dancers
Oscar, Paul (True true true;
but what I want to know is who can do the Get Retarded?)
Yo I can Get the Retarded
(Yo, but what about the people out there;
 can Nassau.. Country do the Get Retarded?)
Yo they can get it
(Yo, Uniondale do the Get Retarded?)
They can get it
(Eisenhower Park do the Get Retarded?)
(Hempstead do the Get Retarded?)
(Let's get back to Suffolk, what about Bayshore?)
Oooh yes
(Yo Brentwood?)
Funky business.. {*words fade out*}