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Artist: D-Gotti
Album:  The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack
Song:   I Wanna Be Gone
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah it's hard out here on these streets
Man, I wanna be gone sometimes
Know I'm saying, it's a struggle
Yeah Wreckshop till I die

[Hook - 2x]
I wanna be gone
Cause sometimes y'all, I can't even take it
This world's so cold
Sometimes y'all, I can't even take it

Today I seen a young nigga, get his head blew off
Left his body at the light, and on his chrome mashed off
Now I was smoking out the sto', when seen the shit go down
For the cost for the paper, trying to shine and grind
And one time wasn't around, where they at when you need em
I seen the trauma in his eyes, as he laid there bleeding
And what you think mama gon say, when the bad news hit home
Nigga what would George say, if you was killed for chrome
Come to find out he wasn't even full grown, he was only 18
Can't sew him up and replace him, with these bars 18
Ambulance finally made it, people on the scene going crazy
This world done got shady, sometimes I can't even take it
I wanna be gone

[Hook - 2x]

Off the school projects, kids bare footed mama on crack
With house full of smoke, don't even know where her kids at
And if you don't know the meaning of a soldier, man these kids they live it
Going to school in hand-me-down's, daddy doing life in prison
Now the children don't know better, so they making fun of their misfortune
Leaving out idolizing the dope game, cause they was fin to lead torture
I can see the pain in they eyes, but they don't know how to express it
And with all this anger kept inside, feel they gotta teach the world a lesson
God bless these adolescence, cause you know they out future
Turn em into lawyers and doctors, exec's and entrepreneurs
Live for Screw, and it sent so many tears through these babies
Look at this world we created, I just pray that they make it
I wanna be gone

[Hook - 2x]

You a rose like a wicked, said who gon knock us
You ain't gotta be a bopper, pay the rent you chicas
I know back with your child, couldn't control what had happened
When your uncle use to touch you, made you pass the manners
Now you grown in status, but there's room for change
I can't hate the stripping pays, but you deserve a better way
Just think you could have, any nigga you wanted
Why you out here getting cheated, showing your body for money
It seems to me like you running, go on stand up black woman
You been down too long, time to get out and get something
And D-Gotti cried to see you, attracted the world is what you make it
Stop procrastinating, cause if you don't they gon take it
I wanna be gone

[Hook - 3x]

Day to day is a struggle, all my life I done suffered
Seeing mama doing bad, and tears in her eyes of my brother
Oh Lord please forgive us, why they label us niggaz
Just cause we out the gutter don't mean, you can't teach us no better
Mourning sinners, violence and pain, hustling with caine
Struggles and strain, mug ties violence in my brain
I wanna save but I can't be denied, I gotta dry
With these devil's and reptiles, trying to hold me down, I wanna be gone


Trying to get it, know I'm saying
We trying to make this shit work
Talking bout people holding us down
Up in this ghetto, know I'm saying
That's where I come from, the gutter
So what you expect from me
I don't see no way but up
Cause I been down all my life, know I'm saying
You gotta feel that