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Artist: Don Cisco, Lil' Rob, OG Spanish Fly, Royal T (Proper Dos)
Album:  Definition Of Brown 3 (Compilation)
Song:   La Cochina
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[Don Cisco]
She likes to fuck?
Oh, you only talk to her like that

[Verse 1: Don Cisco]
To all the cochinas
Who make it go down
Like two shots of Tequila, when I'm in your town
All I gotta do is call, baby
And all you gotta do
Is lick on my balls, baby
It's on, baby
Like arriba!
Get your ass out the sia
Go ride this pony, you, sexy mamacita
I rush to put solo
Like el toro
Don Cisco got game like King Touch
Got oro
When I love freaks with big butts, smellin' so peachy
Rubbin' on me
While I'm squeezing on they chi-chis
Mama's freaky
Got a pierce tongue and a homegirl Nikki
Like to tongue-kiss and give each other hickies
I'm puffin' sticky
Gettin' drunk with 'em off mickeys
They touchin' on my dickie while I'm pullin' on they Dickies
They wanna
Blahs, they blah
Eat each other out raw, thang long in a jaw
So we broke all laws
Defy gravity
I show them hoes how I fill those cavities
Automatically, off alcohol and chronic leaves
And after tonight, I probably call 'em in a couple weeks

Chorus: Don Cisco
I know this chicks, she's a cochina
A fine little sexy, mamacita
She likes to get nasty
Off Tequila
And it goes down everytime I see her
Fine little sexy, mamacita
She likes to get nasty
Off Tequila
And it goes down everytime I see her

[Verse 2: Royal T]
It's a party baby
Bout to hit your town
Bout a quarter to ten
My plane touch ground
Made a reservation at the NBC suites
When I touch down, I'm a page ya, freak
Wear the neglecie, we got some games to play
By the way, baby, don't forget the Alize
I brought in all the haze so I can, smoke you out
Nasty little freak, can't wait to stroke you out
You know I love the way you be boppin' and breathin'
Blowing down on me
Slobbin' like you teethin'
My name ain't corrupt/Kurupt, but baby, We Can Freak It
Now I know how, Victoria got a Secret
Love it from the back
After all that
Guess what you wanted
That swish
That'll throw, she swallow
Love to get nasty like it ain't no tomorrow

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Lil' Rob]
La cochina
Means she's dirty and nasty
Everything a fucking perro wants, if you ask me
Dressed kind of slutty
But she's kinda classy
Not really fancy, but
She's kinda flashy
There's a couple people say
"She stays the same way"
And all their friends
Well, I guess, they're the same way
Now to do the grown-up
Bone down, til sun up
And she's the kind of ruka that'll always shut the fuck up

[OG Spanish Fly]
Check this puss, I been tryin' to reach ya
You got a bad case of la cochina
You can't take me cause you know I teased ya
And if you catch me drunk, then you know, I'll please ya
Erica, I'll never take care of her
Catch me in the club, and you'll never see me next to her
Other La Cochinas in the mix today
It's how the Low Pro ganga likes to play

Repeat Chorus

[Don Cisco]
Believe that