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Artist: Mega Ran (Random) and Mister Wilson
Album:  Blur Bomber
Song:   Skull Egg Zone
Typed by: @MegaRan

Dr. Eggman was chillin in his laboratory
Thinkin of master plans a/k/a that path to glory
{*phone rings} It's like a TV scene
The way that random person appeared on the TV screen
Egg said 'Who the heck are you?' He said 'My name is Dr. Wily.'
He said 'Who are you?' 'My name is Eggman, nice to meet you Wily.'
The reason why Eggman played nice
cause he noticed the emerald in Wily's hands - yikes!!
Egg said 'You see shiny emerald that's in your hand?'
He did an evil grin, and said 'I have a plan.'

Welcome to Skull Egg Zone
Once again welcome to skull egg zone
The only place where evil is good thing Holmes
That's the main reason why it's called skull egg zone
Both evil doctors are controlling this
Hehe the world will be ours get a load if this!