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Artist: Mega Ran (Random) and Mister Wilson
Album:  Blur Bomber
Song:   President *cutscene*
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

[Sonic the Hedgehog]
Old man those things are dangerous, stop riding them!

[Old Man]
What are you talking about Mr. Sonic?
I know how to handle them
I realize I'm a little older now
but back in my day I was quite the racer
Believe me, I was pretty popular with the ladies!
{*crazy laughter*}

[Miles 'Tails' Prower]
Mister did you say you had some urgent business?

[Old Man]
Oh right! It's a real emergency
You see the President...
{*starts cackling insanely*}
Ahh! The President...

[Sonic the Hedgehog]
He wants us to come to the Pr-rresidential House right away?!

[Old Man]
Yes yes! {*babbling incomprehensibly*}

[Sonic the Hedgehog]
You know, it might have been easier if you had just called to tell us that

[Old Man]
Uh-huh; I could have done that too, heh