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Artist: Mega Ran (Random) and Mister Wilson f/ Storyville
Album:  Blur Bomber
Song:   Lava Reef
Typed by: @MegaRan

Ain't no time to sleep
You ain't hot as me
you in the Lava Reed
And you know I'm a beast

fools try to take me off my game, that ain't worked since I was bout 6
spit that flame, get back lames, melt the rubber sole off your kicks
(hey yo) never sling no yayo, drop them raps to make my pesos
(hey bro), hands off my queso
(hey bro) boston to diego (halo)
and I don't mean Master Chief, Bungie or 343
better be flyer than a G4 seat, if you wanna grab the mic before me
show my talents out in Paris and they told me 'c'est magnifique'
me and Wilson have to eat
so yo, we gone smash them beats
hotter than fireworms
riding top down through the Lava Zone
I dont think you want that drama, holmes
wherever the stage is at, I'm at home
falling rocks call the shots
give it all I got, scolding hot
girls coming out they halter tops
somebody go 'head call the cops
we on the top

don't know why I'm involved in a lot of beef
I think they mad cuz Wilson spittin that lava reef
If the act was real, You def could put me on it
No need to hit a monitor with fire on it
any genre any beat Wil Kills
I'm on a hot streak and I refuse to take a chill pill
My town is sayin that this nerds hot
I'm like an nba jam character after the 3rd shot
I started from the bottom now I'm cruisin north
My buzz is finally flamin on like the human torch
I'm a maniac pyro
That wouldve put ripto In a rage..spyro
A warrior that causes wildfires..ryo
Mister Wilson stay with heat, that Should be on my bio
(That should be on my bio) Yall losers chillin with the polar bears
You can't see me like gettin hit by a solar flare


Sinister Insidious Similes Simmerin' simmerin'
Given em' energy that can make liquid outta igneous
Villey is a vill-i-an, a million mammalian styles
I'm quick to hit an idiot make em' flip into a tailspin for Miles

I'm on that Lava Reefer ether to beat the bejeezus out a sequencer
Ain't no time to sleep here, gotta sleeper cell schemin
waitin for the beat to repeat here

It's a trepidatious situation, may flip any which way so tread cautious
I'm doin' my thing collectin gold rings
then I'm pop-pop-poppin off on Robotnik

I'm basically a blaze, a flame, a laser beam, sharp razor vapor steam
phoenix burnin up the stage I mean
I'm everything synonymous with fieriness perform pyrotechnics on a pair of techniques

better watch how you speak I'm a shark in the reef
I'm a start with the beat but I'll end with the heat
better remember the Vill'll dismember the enemies'n
scatter their embers into the middle of the seas

Assassinate nerdcore on the flyest sh----
and I'm here to let it be known that on the rhymin tip
I'm usually buddies with the folks I be rhymin with
but this is still Hip Hop and I'm gonna let you know what time it is
and that goes for Warrock, Int 80, and Jesse Dangerous
Frontalot, Wordburglar, K-Hill I'll make ya'll anonymous
got love for ya'll but I'm try'n to murder you people
Ran too, make sure your fans ain't heard of you ppeople
I'm ol' school rap bully and I'm servin you people
check the word make sure no one ever even nerd of you people