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Artist: Mega Ran (Random) and Mister Wilson
Album:  Blur Bomber
Song:   Intro (Worlds Collide)
Typed by: @MegaRan

take that, started with this one, that one
now we bout to have fun
but them days are done
it's all dark for you, no rays of sun
you're an anthropomorphic blue hog
pretty fast, but you look pretty soft
so why don't you take all that speed you got
and use it to get lost?
my name is Rock and you're about to get rocked
I'm a machine, I'm not gonna be stopped
for your info, I been legit bro
been running this since you were a glitch yo
I'm a slow it down, you seem to be a blt slow
you're pretty quick bro, spin dash off a cliff, yo
you're just illogical, taking you out's what I gotta do
with a cannon, it's impossible
I'll knock every ring out you
horizontal or vertical
like your bonus stage I give you vertigo
my technique is surgical
someone should tell you I'll just end up hurting you...

You Should've thought twice before stepping on my turf b
Silly fool your cannon buster cannot hurt me
The chances of you beating me...try notta
You remind of emerl from the battle saga
If y'all played that game for ya cuz
Then y'all already know what I am capable of
I can run fast, fight, and do spin dash
Homing attack will put you in shock swin cash
I heard that you are a major threat to planet earth
You bout to get wiped out like a rookie tryin to surf
You're names mega man but there's nothing mega about you
You all blue but there's nothing SEGA about you
Those energy tanks that you carry wont help you
You bout to get whooped somebody bring the belt too
I'll take you out once and for all
Then I'm gonna continue the dr eggman brawl!