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Artist: Mega Ran (Random) and Mister Wilson
Album:  Blur Bomber
Song:   The End Zone (Final Battle)
Typed by: @MegaRan

Lets get shakin! Like a babies rattle
It's about that time, for that final battle
Got all 7 emeralds now we're fast Without a booster code
I know that y'all still shocked that both of us turned into super mode
The mission is to get the mean
Doctors out of the death machine
get the heck out of skull egg zone
Cuz both our worlds wanna go back home
It's not over til the fat lady sings
I refuse to crown these fools as kings
Hey mega man I know one thing
We need to hurry up before we run out of rings
Watch out for the lasers
This machine is something major
The egg rockets on sight
We have to move from the left to the right
Ok we're doing fine
We gotta hit this machine at least 8 times
We gonna show who's tougher
with some spins and a cannon buster
I don't know about you mega man but I'm used to not having home field advantage
Been beatin dr eggman since 91 and still doing damage
That's for over two decades..of seeing eggman fall
But I'm sick of fightin its time to end this once and for all!

[Chorus: repeat 8X]
Cmon Cmon Cmon
Now let's do it
Cmon Cmon
Now get to it

This is the final battle
finally there's some clarity
but I dont think this is how it has to be
so this ones for free like charity
chaos emeralds got me feelin' super
gleam in my eyes, it's not something i'm used ta
know i be through them wars
knew what it was when i stepped through the door
2 on 1? i like those odds
got the buster charged, I fight your squad..
all alone if I have to
but I don't have to, cause now we have TWO
say hello to the new Blue Man Group
Chances slimmer than the mustache on Fu Manchu
that you can be a winner, what my two hands do
get equipped, i know one thing that you can't do
and that's--use the power of my enemies against them
I switch to the missile and send them
straight up now they locked upon your cock pit
right in the kisser like a Randy Orton dropkick
I glance at Sonic and he's got this
timing has gotta be precise and so I switch
to the buster, damagin' they weapons
defeat is out of the question, let's win!