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Artist: Mega Ran (Random) and Mister Wilson
Album:  Blur Bomber
Song:   Best Friends (Mega Ran Solo Mission)
Typed by: @MegaRan

Yo I handle my business
The creators my witness
Friends are cures to my sickness
Thats y I'm able to kick this
Like robin van persie
Chickens are mad thirsty
Now they mad flirty...
Lord have mercy
Im not used to attention
I'm not usually mentioned
But then it gets addictive
Might need an intervention
To come up where I lived
Dealers and derilicts
And make it out of this
With someone to share it with
So if I make a move
We all make a move
ain't about stayin true
That's just the way I move
If you been rockin wit me
From when my pockets empty
You know that nothing changed
Now they're just not as empty
always came in last
So now we take it back
Now I'm like metal sonic
Tryin to change the past
So now I'm rhyme bout
Conquering my doubts
Stop wondering my motives
Just listen and find out

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I call you my best friend
Cuz you got my back
And I love you for that

And if I sound happy
it's cause I found happy
I thought these clowns had me
I school em like brown mackie
Ending the misery
Now, We making history
Action is white knuckled
Like that echidna be
Expose my negatives like a darkroom
So if my head ever gets big like in the cartoons
Y'all Bring me back to earth like a parachute
My compadres, I'm forever down with you... Down with you
Every sonic needs a tails
Every winner needs to know what it is to fail..
And believe me I know it well
Got enough baggage for 100 show and tells
Now it just Feel right
My peoples real tight
I'm Giving sonic a voice, like I'm Jaleel white
So we forage performing
Because normal is boring
And for sure it's important
So we off into orbit!