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Artist: Rah Digga f/ Ghostface Killah
Album:  Everything Is a Story
Song:   Album Intro
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Rah Digga]
Whoo, Yes
Ladies and gentlemen, (D-I)
Yall know my name, (Dirty Harriet)
Digga Digga, (How serious)
I'd like (D-I) to shout out my manager Ace Lentz, (This album is)
Let's do this, Megahertz, (2000, D-I)
Flipmode Squad, Busta Rhymes
Outsidaz reppin the bricks
Nobody on the track. (D-I)

[Rah Digga]
Yo, When I step in the booth, Flip ugly and I loose all couth
Dig-ga be-have
Maintained the streets, Next journey still with the same peeps
Dig-ga be brave
Ima do this son, Dirty Harriet number one, (Come on)
Dig-ga we straight
Got somethin for you and you and you, Man what's my name yo, (D-I) G-G-A
As we start round two, Next rhyme might be about you
Hope you never see the light, Like Juwanna Man 2
I'm still makin sure, All my rhymes is tight
Tell you that from day one like they tell us God is white
Imperial chick from Brick City, Doin a buck fifty
Rollin around in trucks strictly
When it's time to break fools, My rhyme styles dagger
Tare you down worse then the O'Riley factor
Do it for my sake, I dare yall to try me
Burn yall up the ass like cancer in the prostate
Best in the tri-state, Perhaps in the country
Headline with no album, That's how bad niggas want me
Might be a little raw, For the average broad
Don't worry baby girl, I got somethin for yall as well
Do tell, Cause everything's a story
It's your favorite little grimey, But my name aint NORE

[Ghostface Killah]
It wasn't the way she rapped, It was a talent
God gave it a she brought it back
Tell Bust I said peace
Flipmode flip dough, Zip codes, Go back home on skid row
Niggas don't like Tone
Or you digga, Handle they bitch and I'll get the nigga
Develop that into a real picture, Click
Niggas get that shit, I don't play that shit
I concentrate on hits, Not that BET
Nigga bodies or an ill album, Or a song for them ill mommies
I swear I will dot theses niggas the fuck out
Get to cussin and cuttin, These corny cocksuckers better stop frontin
Word, Blow yall niggas for damn near nothin
We-Got, Yo let them things pop, We got the mean darts
Cheese-Blocks, We the welfare babies with the dark brown birth marks
Don't get your assed up, Fuck that
Ghost and Rah Digga, Taxin niggas, We aint cuttin back so
Please-Stop, Theodore and Flipmode will invade your whole spot