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Artist: Raekwon
Album:  Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
Song:   The Scroll
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, word, I heard about it, man
Yeah, word, similar story, you know?

Regardless, we all ninjas, and got money, but the theme of the story
Is yo, checking how they came for me (this is it, B)
Kinda breathe from the gold teeth era, bro, dreaming on C.R.E.A.M.
Complimentaries and beef
I'm from the wild side, a militant was made by the formest elite
It sound good, brung my rifle shit, clean
Met the others, lit a blunt, begin
I'm like Nicole Kidman in the wind, niggas is wild, niggas is eat
Then I chanced it, blood can always beat mud
Mud is part of being thug, I guess it's advance, we from the street
This is me, I'm ready to beat, whatever, we gon' off' it
One time alone, yo, they pricked up Unique
Meth standing there, rare hustler hair, right in front of the building
Them niggas do them killings out there
This is deep, me, Rebel, U-G, he walked in the room
Scarf rap, pair of Timberlands, beat
This the potion, roll the scroll out, speaked and another walked in
Knowing know this is a thief
We from the same vote, this is like a pot roast
Hottest niggas who rhyme, I know them from the dime, this is not 'posed to happen
Peace Black, we wasn't cool
Threw the piece back, everything good, I lit the leaf, captain
Got a mission, to make sure the world recognize our position
I'm standing near the kitchen
Shit just might work, I lit the stink, this could be the realest shit
This could be the realest flip quick
Everybody stand up in militant, army jackets down
I said to myself, this the realest quick
True champ, we gon' rep it through, keep it cool
No boot camp, no hard work, just a loot, family
All in, ball til you fall, loyal as ever
I grab my leather, I'mma lay til you call

[Chorus 3X: Raekwon]
Generals, demons, night time, vultures
Caught up on the ropes, let's team it
Everybody seen it, Zenith, what you mean?
Everybody C.R.E.A.M.'in, the all American dream