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Artist: Raekwon f/ Freddie Gibbs
Album:  Lost Jewelry EP
Song:   New Day
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[Intro: Raekwon]
Talk this one out you know, for real this go for every major man
E'ry major! Nothin that I don't deserve it man!

[Verse One: Raekwon]
What's good scientist talk to me kid, how's life workin?
Keep your money up gear killer murkin niggas
I'm strong been through the mountains I'm like Martin
One spartan I'm guaranteed to blow if you start with me
My measurements is ordinates, little bit flashy (True!)
Nah I'm lyin I'm all cashmere with glasses
Yeah a flashy don come through frontin and shit
Light a whole big blunt to this shit
We sit around the table here it go it's yours, mines, his
Hers, what, this what it does
Just keep it in the family all love
Let's put the plugs together and cake up build up the buzz
I write for real niggas who down, bring your hound with you
Throw 'em a jewel with meat on it, mound 
Did you analyze it like a twenty seven inch, get me the wrench
So we can throw niggas from here on to Janovich 

[Interlude: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah! Yeah! Chef what's the mu'fuckin signs baby? 
It's ya nigga Gangsta Gibbs AKA Eastside Slim
AKA Freddie Caine mayne, thuggin in this mu'fucker you know what I'm sayin nigga
Nigga doin good this year nigga rappin and shit you know what I'm sayin
In the booth tourin overseas and shit nigga, ain't really rob no niggas
Still sell dope though ngga!

[Verse Two: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah! Uh! Bitch I'm from that ski mask school house
Well life still complicated intoxicated and gooned out
And niggas ain't graduated but they can relate what that tool 'bout
That two for ten crack stems needles and spoons out
Oooh I need some paper, oooh my fingers itchin
Wish that Santa Claus would put a brick under my tree for christmas
I knew it from my vision two choppers off in my stockin
Baking soda yo they locked in you coppin drop a deposit
Sign my life right on the dotted line, wrote it in blood
Got my uncle wipn down my tires, sold 'em a dub
Niggas know I rap but most of my day I rap with my plug
'Fore I see a platinum album I see my day with the judge
Fuck it! When I die tell my mama I'm in the mafia
Equadorian chick 'bout to scoop me up from Laguardia
Part of ya wanna stop but you can't give up the sport
Another sold pyrexin the fort, shoutout to East New York....nigga!!!

[Outro: Raekwon]
Talk to me big homie what's the science?
You know what it is nigga we under that buildin heavy
All kind of motherfuckin, military shit on nigga!
You know what I'm sayin, we organize nothin but realness
We put it down in a special way to make e'rybody comfortable
If you get out of line he 'gon see I ain't 'gon talk to you
I'm just 'gon write it out, you know what I'm sayin?
But all this is mu'fuckin real or not cosmetic
No little shit over here nigga we wear full size shit
Full size gear full size clothes, you know what I'm sayin
We travel on a great weight, and we out for the best
A shout at every real nigga out that take care of his self
Take care of yourself that's number one, you know what I'm sayin
'Cause these kind of lines right here, you might not hear no more
These is raw rhymes, these is raw lines, these is like
Nigga I'm a profit you already know man