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Artist: Raekwon the Chef f/ Ghostface Killer
Album:  Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Song:   Striving For Perfection

Yeah yeah I'm tired of doing this shit
  Aight word, aight I'ma set it
Tell me how you feel man
  Yo son, check the fly shit son
Sup cousin how you doin?
  Yo baby check it man
  I got a new connect son, for real man
  Fuck all this twenty-four brick shit man
No doubt
  My man got out of state for fifteen
Yo know my man's gonna represent PA, politickin to death so
  Right right
It's all good, what's up?  What you wanna do?
  We gotta move God, we gotta move God, we gotta migrate
  Get the fur, get the fuck outta New York, yaknowhatI'msayin?
  Bounce man, start fuckin with bigger and better shit
So you tellin me no more big eights strictly breaks
  No more no more no more man
Then I'm with you, I've been waiting
  No more God
  It's the pot of gold right here man this is it, man this is glory
So yo, the first thing we gotta do man
Is just know what we gonna do with this cream when we get it man
Cause I'm not trying to just be, sitting on motherfucking two-hundred thou
And acting like I'ma just be a
a drug dealer all my life
Son I got bigger and better plans Son
  No doubt, we gonna move on man
And you know I be fuckin with anybody man
  Son, long as the love and the trust is there Son
  We gonna grow God
You know it Tony
  We gonna grow like a plant Son
Yo you coming at me like that Son?
  For real Son, come on you know me man
You know my style Son
  You know how my heart feels though God
No doubt
  But yo God, for real, this is my last time God
  I'm hangin this shit up man if this shit don't work right here God
Word up, I feel the same way
I feel the same way kid
  Yo God, yaknowhatI'msayin?
  I got shot at man, my moms windows got shot the fuck up man
  Yo God, my baby's in here God, see I gotta take time man
  and raise my family man
Yeah yeah yeah
  YaknowhatI'msayin?  Sit around man, my grandkids man
But yo Son, it's like this man
We all livin man, we here now man
  Word man
YouknowhatI'msayin?  Let's not think like we gon be stagnating man
Let's keep movin ahead man, keep our head up man
Take care of our families man
  God, word is bond, I'm your eyes that's in back of you kid
Let's do it then