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Artist: Raekwon the Chef f/ Ghostface Killer, Blue Raspberry
Album:  Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... *
Song:   Heaven & Hell

*       originally featured on the _Fresh_ soundtrack

Intro: Raekwon, Ghostface

Yo what what, yo
Exotic type shit
Ninety-four, we must go to war fast
With the pen and the pad
God damn, shine like gold rims on Pathfinders
Wu-Tang reclines, lamps, for the nine-squares kid
  Money clothes designer hoes and shows y'all

Lyrics: Raekwon, Ghostface

Yo, yo, wakin up about ten kid
Jumpin in the shower, peace about to make 
  moves and slide like greese 
What?  I'm all about Tecs and checks and nuff respect you front
I'm slammin you like the Lex
So now I'm out in the ninety-five
Rockin that real nigga don't die 
Guess down
  Drawers Kani!
But yo I'm makin a pit stop
Go and buy a box of glocks, til he rolled up and yo
  Whattup Hobbes?
  Yo, remember that kid that we vicked
  He made a half of mil for real
  He brought about fo' bricks
Yo, so now we connect doors, meet me at the airport 
  Get in touch with that West coast Cali crab you stabbed
  And meet me at the bitch lab
So word up kid, we slid like a fat four to twelve bid and shit
  Couldn't even rest, I need the vic
And when I slept, I dream G's, Son I need some
  Keys roll self, call up Son
I heard Pook and Tyriq caught a beef over some real shit
  A fake nigga faked and they killed his click
Gimme a minute and I'm with it
  Yo niggaz done did it
Rock your vest
  Keep your whip tinted
  So now we see him up in BoJangles
  Stranglin a forty ounce, with ten G's worth of gold bangles
Diamonds, what, all up in his face
  With his man's mace, medallions the size of dinner plates
Yo, he knew we knew him so we blew him
Took thirty G's worth of jewels of that nigga
  So now I'm lampin in my man's Land
Streets is hot like sand
  Jesus rollin in my right hand
Yup, you know the steezo black
Got to go down like that


Ninety-four, takin niggaz to war, yo, yo

What do you believe in?  Heaven or hell?
You don't beleive in heaven cause we're livin in hell
(repeat 2X)
So it's your life
*we're livin in hell, we're livin in hellllllll*
  What a chamber, fuckin with mad strangers
  Yeah, you know how it runs baby, straight up yo
  Money clothes, designer hoes and shows y'all
  That's how it goes

What do you believe in?  Heaven or hell?
You don't believe in heaven cause we're livin in hell
  31st chamber y'all
So it's your life

(What do you believe in?  Heaven or hell?)
Niggaz ain't even know Son, only half is sewed cash
(You don't believe in heaven cause we're livin in hell)
They haven't yet sold their weight
(What do you believe in?  Heaven or hell?)
  Question, shit is real, youknowhatI'msayin
(You don't believe...)
Niggaz think it's all about a real live Allah
A little hundred dollars and that make you a man
  You ain't even promised tomorrow Son, word up
Niggaz don't understand how life can be so short
Come so fast
  With the blinkin of eye, blinkin of eye you're gone baby
  Straight up, knowhatI'msayin, get turned to dust
  Return to the casket
That ass is out Son, word up
  Word up, get evaporated, straight up
Word up
  Lose all your strength nigga
Crazy dedication shout out to the memory of Two Cent Jason
Heartbroken, we soakin wet though
Keepin it real for my peopls
  Yeah, yo
  And my physical brother DeVon, you're still in here baby
  Because you're in my arms nigga, word up
  I never let you go baby
  YouknowhatI'msayin?  You my life charm, word up
For real
  Keep shinin
Real for keepin it real, shout out to major niggaz
Big Kawai, Jess, Hell in the computer system
The RZA, who slams fat discs for the ninety-four
  Word up, RZA, he's my nigga baby
  Yeah, eatin dinner with the big boys now
Word up, Big Booth represent the Q
Knowhowedo, lamp, get that power-u, type, things on float
  GZA, word up, Master Killer
The don of the Clan, Method Man, Inspector Deck
Dirty Bastard
  U-God, word up baby
  Keep it real Son
  Keep packin them guns
Word up