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Artist: Raekwon f/ Jadakiss
Album:  Blood on Chef's Apron
Song:   Gutterman Music
Typed by: pneumatic

(Intro: Raekwon ad-libs)

Pimp talk with the gun on his dick
Multi classic, Jurassic gat, Bubble in the bricks
Nicknamed Cassis, Milano's blow through the Verrazano
Catch me on fly mode bastard
I come from the strong, Four-fifth long
With the bubble gum goose on, With boots on, One
We down to kill niggas, Jump in the wheels
Screw the tip off then blow my some Phil's
I'm a silverback, Blue llamas, Out in Holland
Holla if you want drama, We hit lovers and Mommas
So what's the nonsense, Yo, You play'n with piranhas
Get your face hit, Skin start smoking like ganja
Levi's on, Eyes on me, Black Dutch, Gold watch on
You swear I got the glocks on
Cuban Linxs music, With rocks on
Fuck yall niggas, Put your pops on it

(Interlude: Raekwon ad-libs)

Yo, I aint a rock star, But I get rock bread
Still in the DT, How many drop head
I don't want you to throw up, I want you to drop dead
Now can you picture me rolling like Pac said
Do it for the inmates, All of the hot heads
Young niggas that pump coke, All of the pot heads
Heavy bling, Empty out the click, Let the dez-e ring
Scales only used to be digital, Now it's everything
Screws in the Maruey's, Ice sitting right over the Pauly's
I aint got to tell you, No to story
Drug dealer turned rapper
Slash gangsta thug nigga, That burn Master's
They say when you getting money the World turns faster
Hollow tips and dummys'll earn you a casket
He was a titan but wasn't ready for who he clashed with
Wake is pop'n, Funeral was a classic, Sick bastard