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Artist: Raekwon
Album:  Blood on Chef's Apron
Song:   Cake Baking
Typed by: pneumatic

This for Crys poppers, Crude poppers
Nine hundred dollars shoe rockers
Blue rock been on, Robbing Gene Goblin
All my money pot gwap'n, Cake bake'n
Up a super brick, You need gats shop with me
Fortress flawless to death, In Boston lost my Rolex
A gift from a rich Dreed, Tour Lex
Go snatch cheddar and meet me out in Figi with the Beegees
My wedding is jumping, A thirty G piece
Trench coat furler, Bell & Ross hoody, Matching watch
The scarf on my Aston is murder
Learn something, This is my word son
Before marriage, A bitch is gotta go fast as Serbia
Flashed up dressy, The nerve of ya
My life story, Worldwide seeking pussy, I herb re-up
Merge with them niggas that burn weed up
Turn heat up, Walk in the club flash the sub, What skee'd up

[Outro: Raekwon]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Chill nigga
You know how we do this man, Back to the basics B
For real for real, Stay out the fucking way nigga
Youknowhatimsayin', Don't wanna have to go upside your head
Youknowhatimsayin', Go in your pocket and all that
You know that's a typical routine, For a real nigga man
Yall niggas better be careful man, Put your head up boy