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Artist: Robin Thicke f/ 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Blurred Lines *
Song:   Give It 2 U (Remix)
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* deluxe edition bonus track

[Intro: 2 Chainz] + (Robin Thicke)
Okay baby (yeah)
All I gotta say baby (huh)
That's Robin Thicke (yeah)
And I'm 2 Chainz baby (baby baby)
Talk to me (yeah)
Let me see that body language (baby baby)
I said talk to me
Let me see that body language (hey, hey)

[Robin Thicke]
Girl give it to me
Girl you know what it do, girl give it to me
I got somethin brand new, girl give it to me
I'll put it all on you, girl give it to me
Wooo~! I got a gift for ya
I got this for ya, a little Thicke for ya
A big kiss for ya, I got a hit for ya
Big dick for ya, let me give it to ya
Baby baby, I got a call for ya
I got a whip for ya, black car for ya
Ball hard for ya, I know you wanna get fancy
I know you wanna start dancin

[Bridge: Robin Thicke]
Hey... girl
You know you're lookin so damn fine
You're lookin like you fell from the sky
You know you make a grown man cry

[Chorus: Robin Thicke]
I wanna give it to you, tonight
And make everything you fantasize
come true, ooh baby
I'll make you so so so amazing
I'll give it to you

[Robin Thicke]
Girl give it to me {*4X*}

Ooh~! What's that girl?
What's that baby? I like that girl
I like that baby, on your back girl
On your back, yeah shake it like that girl
Baby baby, I got an eye for ya
Got an eye for ya, I got a smile for ya
Cheese, let me put it on your face for ya
Please, I got a taste for ya
Tasty, I bought lace for ya
Freaky, I'll put it on ya
Yeah, so I can come and take it off ya
Yeah, and get off to ya

[Bridge] w/ ad libs


[2 Chainz]
True, yo.. 2 Chainz!

Highly respected
Black Michael Jackson
When the DJ bring it back
I pump it back like a chiropractor
I'm at the main event
Baby you the main attraction
What I need a script and a camera for?
Let's put this thing in action
(Do it) Let's put this thing in action
(Do it) Let's put this thing in action!
(Do it) 2 Chainz!
All the things collapsin
Let's put this thing in action
(Do it) Let's put this thing in ACTION~!
(Do it) 2-2 Chainz!
Gave your girl a chain reaction

[Kendrick Lamar]
Uh, you're like a needle in a haystack
Uh, I wanna sit you where my face at
Uh, lunch with a few Mai-Tais
Uh, purple kisses on my tie
Uh, life can leave a dick loved
Uh, now you gettin this dick, love
Uh, I'm lookin for you with a flashlight
I wanna feel what a real fat ass like
No injection, I learned my lesson
I walk it like I talk it, baby this pedestrian
Runnin through your mind like Jackie Joyner
Pussy like pop like "DO!" Go get me a burner
Got shot like "DO!" This can be detrimental
T-shirt and panties, that's your credential
You're cotton candy, I need a fistful
I'm often antsy, hope that convince you

[Bridge] w/ ad libs

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Outro: Robin Thicke]
I'll give it back, like that
Give it to me baby
Give it to me baby
I'll give it back, just like that