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Artist: Shante f/ Kool G Rap
Album:  The Bitch is Back
Song:   Deadly Rhymes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash (corrections requested)

[Kool G Rap]
Deadly rhymes the pages of rage strikes again
Killing men women and children
til defeat, types of shelter to helter skelter
Nobody's around here to help ya

Up in flames the brainstorm rain drains your veins
The only remains is rains of brains
Fixed to mix, Shante's lyrics cause conflicts
I'm quick in my rhymes like convicts

[Kool G Rap]
Got a plan for a deathwish?  Come on, step up
Some tried to keep up, but never kept up
When I roll nobody can't hold me
So they all told me to make em die slowly

The warning signs of danger read please take precautions
I'm giving your baby rhymes abortions
Hit the deck when I wreck one got shot in the neck
Poison escaped through the tape decks
Confusion, havin a need for a blood transfusion
She couldn't stop my intrusion

[Kool G Rap]
Your inner path will belong to a tidal wave
Sound waves'll take you straight to your graves
Pain remains in your head suffocation
Strangulation, raped by the whole nation

On stage tryin to recite like me
But what I really see is Creep Show 3
I size em up to die and pulverize em
So bad her own mother won't recognize em

[Kool G Rap]
This goes for those, that oppose like foes
But I don't diss (I dispose)
Somewhere right near nightmare right where your mind hear
Songs are long like light years

So here's a taste of the lyrical greats of all time
WHAT?  Deadly rhymes


Attack, ready to track the wack rappers who slack
I attract, cause you lack, you sad sack
The microphone fanatic, comin in with the impact
In fact, this track, to subtract, I pack
a pile of stacks back in the sack for snacks
but I react, right and exact, cause I'm black
Got a taste, and treble and bass you can't chase
In case you wanna race the pace I got haste
to ace to your case in your face just like mace
I replace, wreck the place and then erase show

[Kool G Rap]
I captivated, those that violated
Alienated, styles anhilated
Rappers, evacuated, faded, vacated
Waited, for my spot to be isolated
Crash and smash and bash you in the trash
in a flash I whiplash you burned to an ash
A mass defeat, delete, rhymes are like concrete
Rappers and police all retreat to my beat
except they don't step but yep they gettin carried in a stretcher
Done by the treacherous rap wrecker

Start tearin and scarin, don't you hear in
We'll put fear in, song comparin
You get tossed across like Kris Kross
To force you fell course boss (and now you're lost)
All rhymes are organized like crime
That's why the title of this here design is -- DEADLY RHYMES