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Artist: R. Kelly f/ Chamillionaire
Album:  Double Up
Song:   Get Dirty
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[R.K.] And this is for my niggaz, bitches, playas, pimps (Kells, Chi)
[Cham] While they keep it industry, we gon' keep it in the streets
[R.K.] And this is for my niggaz, bitches, playas, pimps (do it like this)
[Cham] While they keep it industry, we gon' keep it in the streets
[R.K.] Put up a C y'all, c'mon
[Cham] Chamillitary mayne

[Chorus: R. Kelly] + (Chamillionaire)
Hey hey (hey hey) I'm Hollyhood (I'm Hollyhood)
I'm on Patrón in the club feelin good (I'm feelin good)
Hey hey (hey hey) I'm so high (so high)
And the DJ got the club so loud (so loud)
Hands UP (hands up) now let 'em bounce (let 'em bounce)
Two-step it, lil' mama work it out (we gon' work it out now)
Go down (go down) now get dirty (dirty dirty)
Go down (go down) now get dirty (get it dirty)

[R. Kelly]
Roll up on them wheels again, hop up out that whip again
Fuckin with them chicks again, in the club Kells on the scene again
Order me some rounds again, man I'm 'bout to clown again
I'm about to see them strippers comin down them poles again
Niggaz in the club gettin out of control again
Man they 'bout to come and shut this whole bitch down again
Take it to my crib (that's what's up) the after party (that's what's up)
Straight through the mornin (that's what's up) now get the fuck out (that's what's up)
Stuntin I don't give a fuck, take my chain hold it up
Bounce it like a real playa, pimp all in my cup
Man I'm in the club and I'm lookin for a main chick
Someone I can brain chick, someone I can stand chick


Yeah, ladies tell me I'm too cute and that translates that I'm too rich
They wanna spend the night at the crib so they hit the club with two 'fits
We always be in V.I.P. and each playa got two chicks
They look at us like we live here, they look at y'all like "Who's this?"
We ain't trippin about the media, send 'em one of our platinum plaques
Matter fact, you can send a pic of our middle fingers attached to that
All eyes (all eyes) on me (on me) all eyes on me
Cause all the playa all the haters wanna be (wanna be)
Chamillitary, yeah


[R. Kelly]
Purple Phantom dip low, blowin out that purple smoke
Open up that closet do', fresh shoes, fresh clothes
Private jets takin trips, ballin mayne spendin chips
Give that girl a gold medal the way she out there turnin flips
Bend it over (that's what's up) now shake it nasty (that's what's up)
Girl here's my number (that's what's up) get at me (that's what's up)
Man, you know we pimpin; man, you know we sippin
Man, you know we got them chicks in the pool skinny dippin