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Artist: Ras Ceylon
Album:  Scientific Non-Fiction
Song:   War A'Gwan
Typed by: Ras Ceylon at Gmail

You know they push a War on drugs and a war on crime
these wars create conditions for us to do the time
theres a war in the prison and a war outside
more wars overseas but right here you can't hide
now war is big business this is no lie
collateral damage when the innocent die
victims multiply and the death toll rise
I souljah on the mic chant another war cry
more live than what they show on television
bullets fly by like missiles that seek and get em
supposedly forbidden written christian commandment
thou shall not kill but they will and you demanding 
war everyday war in everyway
why do we give kids fake guns to play
war keep em trained but war is not a game
its not just who you shoot its how you squeeze and aim

War going on / round the globe down the road some just dont know bout the
war goin on / hear the bombs see the guns feel the bullets now blood
theres a war goin for the money for the power for the lust and greed in the 
war goin on controlled by corruption making people bleed
in the war goin on just war goin on

insurrection rebellion transform the government
intelligence warning hiphop is relevant
they wanna stop the elements let the industry run this
like clear channel radio makes me sick to my stomach
so now we haffi done it go to battle guerrilla style
hide our numbers make em wonder how we stay underground
yet still get down spit rounds of ammunition
commercialized colonels you know I have to diss em
dismiss em missing in action like a victim
of a failed mission break beat tradition
make heat to enlist the worldwide resistance
creative every instant culture still exists in this

War goin on / round the globe down the road some really dont know bout the
war goin on/ rarely heard observe locked up for the herb 
in the war goin on just war goin on bare war goin on

Bare war going on in this modern babylon 
built by the wicked ones called slave masons make these songs 
chase demons ini burn em down like the one malcolm
through action and intention
uprise like Tookie to redemption
cuz real leaders down come from elections
and the power of the people is true freedom
right knowledge overstand Jah wisdom
reclaim your roots revolute the system 
prostitutes and pimps not a new religion
they still give it to the youth just to decieve em
I tell the young kings and queens they need to believe in
self nothing else stop dreaming
no time for sleeping when the I is spitting
cuz war is everywhere you better watch where your living