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Artist: Ras Ceylon f/ Richport the Savior, Tragedy Khadafi
Album:  Scientific Non-Fiction
Song:   The Damage
Typed by: Ras Ceylon at Gmail

The drugs the guns where did those come from
they flood it in the hood now the damage is done
we've become what they feared most
east to west coast we gon revolt and put a spark
up in the people streets is lethal like a head on crash
so I stay on the path El Hajj Shabazz
connected with the god Trag so love that
my brothas is hungry break bread or fall back
you know I rep that red black gold green team
Elohim speak Sellasie i the Supreme 
King of Kings Lord of Lords Garvey's Word
Lion's Roar open up Zion door applyin science to this war
what they rhymin for we do this to give thanks
Rastafari Jah Fiyah burn the wicked away
train and build everyday to attain top rank 
you know the damage is done but now we changing our fate

The Damage is Done 4X

Spacious foreign whips Morry gator kicks 
plus i take the most innovative flicks 
Mahdi most prolific artist who bangs the hardest
street connasiour poppin like c4 for really yall
I blow a firearm hood Genghis Khan
immaculate G Lebanon don its on
my team stay burnin that piff that old good shit
I got the game on lock that old hood shit
life is a dream last king of scotland Edi Amin
streets applaud when I step on the scene
get on my Deen spit this for descendants of Sellasie
clappin at the pigs that murdered Sean Bell from a drop 3
basically the most official out of QB
snake thugs more concerned with being informants
while the government is constantly ignoring global warming
yo this rap culture son its all in my veins
simple and plain Mahdi 2-5 it aint a game

The Damage is Done 4X

80 I was born in queens general
and now I'm war reportin with the queens general
whats seen after the smoke settles
souljahs with African medals its us against the federal
investigators king david how I blast invaders originator
raised in the west where we blazing the best more fire for the haters
Ahkenaton how we got them walking and its obvious the enemies watching
all these bodies is dropping closed cases closed coffins cold faces so often
genes of black Jesus they breed crossing black leaders
Rasta and Muslim intelligent Hoodlum truth redeemers
living proof we paying for freedom for our political prisoners
Jah know they haffi free em
Ras youths till I'm not breathing Hungry Bros and Trag
done damage for the cause for the reason

The Damage is Done 4X