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Artist: (Ras Ceylon f/) Chairman Fred
Album:  Scientific Non-Fiction
Song:   Chairman's Foreword
Typed by: Ras Ceylon at Gmail

Bare with me as I bear my soul 
for I know we maybe dealing with limited time 
we got a whole bunch of stories that got to be told 
for those who singing we need songs of resistance 
and those in the fold keep it coded if we know that there listening
just like pigs on a prison visit  and we need beats that encourage the battle
like the natives with the war cry and we must make a distinction
between existing and living from those who put their life on the line
from those who just plain old dying
make the music bring back the scene  for us to fight for the realities 
where we had such societies each according to their needs
from each according to their abilities in essence
even the songs got to speak against this oppression 
and know that its right to fight to be free

This is Chairman Fred coming to you live and direct
keep ya heads up, eyes open, and fist clenched
for the record on the record
you listening to Ras Ceylon Scientific/NonFiction