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Artist: (Ras Ceylon f/) Rhythm
Album:  Scientific Non-Fiction
Song:   A Call
Typed by: Ras Ceylon at Gmail

This is a call to all scientists
microbiologists chemists activists Africa's best
freedom fighters rebel risers uncle tom demisers that serve RBG appitizers
to battle the red white and blue liars of today  I see this as the only way
like nat turners day we must play like they play become the they say 
make our own rules and train in our homeschools make genocide
in labs to rid they ass learn the science of their melanin flip the script
and be unleveling know your self love your health protect your wealth
theres not much time left in this shitstem dont be the devils victim
kamu kambon dropped some real wisdom we must break the chains of their prison
I feel him this plan is what I'm talkin bout ride or die free my land is what I shout
global warming will help us out but we must understand their plan with gun in hand
for the final bout we must help each other to kill the rivals
it is the only way for our continued survival