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Artist: Ras Ceylon
Album:  Scientific Non-Fiction
Song:   4ward @ It
Typed by: Ras Ceylon at Gmail

Who's the one you thought would just vanish
disappear from the scene like we been banished
I aint hearing none of that shit establish
our names in your brain with the beats rhymes and graphics
Ras Ceylon and June22 we forward at it
moving forward never backwards and we never been average
going right for the masses bringing more than you can manage
microphone apparatus is a fully automatic weapon I brandish
one false step and you landing to the session where reality
is the only thing that natters
now you know who that is bringing babylon damage
iman on the 1 dr.ez get the bandage its a wrap for the savage
mindstates get shattered rights of passage I passed it 
styles been mastered so you sucka sound boys dont want no soundclashin
I murder dem call it an artcrime of passion
tappin in to my innerself hear it in close captions
Gideon Force emmoworks thats what's happening 
we been here for years your ears are still adapting
got a full metal jacket when it comes to this rapping
packing more energy than magnetic attractions
your vibe is temporary ini is everlasting
run duck and hide when my tribe is blasting
we blow up the spot like a nuclear reaction