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Artist: Rhyme Asylum
Album:  Solitary Confinement  
Song:   Who Goes There
Typed by: @RhymeAsylum

Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run...

[Verse 1: Possessed]
As fast as you can
Fuck flame-throwers I throw flames from the napalm of my hand
Don't theorize I practise what I preach
Bite the bullet as I catch 'em in my teeth
Intellectually God-like
Second you step in my shadow, you developing frost-bite
Head of a lost tribe
Collect cyclops not right I haven't entered your top five (What the fuck)
Rub Lot's wife in the wound
Loose cannon, diss me you lighting the fuse
As the bride and the groom tie the knot
Wrap the rope round their throat and then tighten the noose
There's no appeasing my hunger
Prometheus stole fire from Zeus I'm stealing his thunder
If you can't join 'em beat 'em
From out this mouth of madness comes the voice of reason

Who Goes There?
It's Possessed and I rep to the death of the underground
Who Goes There?
It's Psiklone and I rep for the best in the underground
Who Goes There?
It's Skirmish and I rep for the heads in the underground
Who Goes There?
It's RA, RA, RA, RA, RA, [Raaaaah]

[Verse 2: Skirmish]
Coming for blood no need ducking your punch
Cos I'll catch your thrown fist and crush your knuckles to dust
Fucking with us you get impaled on a hook
Got no leg to stand on, you shot yourself in the foot
I'm mentally sick in the mind
Tell the judge it ain't me they just keep running into the knife
A hired hit man scoping you 
With infa-red laser beams, lock load and shoot
A secret society of a chosen few
With home-made explosives in soles of shoes
Scratching the flesh off of the back of my heads 
Where I want the barcode removed
The lost twin of the son of Durell
Bullets from loaded pistols couldn't puncture my shell
Nor exploding missiles never drew blood from myself
RA put you under a spell

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Psiklone]
I'm the genesis of metaphysics
Never weak, I created god in less than 7 minutes 
RA stretch the limit
Doctors are still counting my IQ's never ending digits
[Appear] from barrels of gun smoke
My poison pen's ink is the blood of Marilyn Monroe
License to drive you insane
Never lost my voice, but sometimes it tries to escape
Soul Reaver without a heart
Premature, tore myself from the womb at spat out thousand bars
Balthazar's demonic counterpart
Blowing marble temples down like a house of cards
Bring your reinforcements
A mind so great I'm trapped in this body like Steven Hawking
Drawn by evil forces
I've been to hell and backā€¦ and then collapsed from heat exhaustion

[Repeat Chorus]