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Artist: Rhyme Asylum
Album:  Solitary Confinement  
Song:   Returmination
Typed by: @RhymeAsylum

Go [x8]

[Verse 1: Psiklone]
Harder, better, faster, stronger
Marching on and on, on path you wander 
If your 9 to 5, you gotta find the time
The drive inside your mind is behind the grind
Plant the roots deep down in the dirt
[Get up and go] cos actions speak louder than words
We around on this earth for the blink of an eye 
So I'm chasing my dreams whilst living my life 
[Letting them know] you've got no reason to fail
No one's gonna believe in you till you believe in yourself [Believe that]
We all hoping for little bit of luck 
People told me I'd flop but I didn't give a fuck 
Sick of lyricism fizzling to dust
If you're sitting in a rut, hold your head and never think of giving up
Quality not quantity
Rhyme Asylum philosophy, get back on your feet [Come on]

A taste for success, hunger in us
Gallons of sweat, buckets of blood
Heart and our soul, holding it down
[The kingdom is ours, the thrown and the crown!]
Do whatever it takes
Let no-one or nothing get in your way
Fulfilling a dream, mater our fate
[Won't stop 'till the whole world's chanting our name!]

[Verse 2: Possessed]
Impatient I strain at the leash 
Let's take to the streets, raging against the machine
No way I'm tasting the shame of defeat
If we playing for keeps, there's an ace up my sleeve
Came to succeed
Don't let no-one tell you you're chasing an unattainable dream
Stand up NOW! Show 'em what your made of
We taking over, not taking a day-off 
Worst fear, being forgotten
Not seen as a problem, not even a option
Insane with it
No more Mr nice guy, we all know were they finish
Fuck them industry puppets
Arse-kissing makes me sick to the pit of my stomach
I work with my limited budget 
Put on the finishing touches mission accomplished

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Skirmish]
They say heaven is a place on earth
From my date of birth 'till I die, everyday I'll search
'Till I find what I'm looking for, though it's tough at times
Don't give up the fight
So shout-outs to mandem - especially Possessed and Psiklone
Respect to the rest of the heads that I know
Wanna have my fam and friends proud 
Of me, believe, that's why I've had my head down
And my pad and pen out, many dreams to fulfil
Best believe that I'm keeping it real
So regardless of you path chosen
Your futures in your hands, but you can't hold it with your arms folded
A bad attitude with a screw face
Lemme break it down fix up 'fore it's too late
And 'till you find that person inside
Good luck, Godspeed on your journey of life

[Repeat Chorus]

[Outro x 4] 
Yeah we grinding, grinding right to the top!